Interpret And Analys Different Types Of Communication

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Businesses are able to use different ways off communicational skills to illustrate information throughout their business. I am going to be interpreting and analysing the different methods of communication used throughout South Cheshire College, being a member of this college I have first-hand experience with the types of communication they use.
Firstly I will analyse the verbal methods of communication, there is many different types of verbal methods including phone calls, face-to-face, business meetings and much more. However the most commonly used verbal method for the college is Face-to-face. During our induction day at the college face to face communication was used whilst our first ...view middle of the document...

Another method off communication that could be used is a letter in the post , listing all the information needed to know , however once again this is much less personal than Face-To-Face communication so overall I agree with the method off communication the college used.
The next method I will analyse is written communication, once again there is many different methods of written communication including, contracts, memo’s, text messages, letters and much more. The college chose to send all the students letters out through the post about important information, for example trips, events and enrolment information. Information like this is originated from human resources, financial and administration as the letters about the trips provided us with financial information regarding prices of the trips, also administration was used for enrolment listing us our times and dates from the offices. The purpose of this information was letting us know about the trips so updating knowledge of where and when these will be taking place so that we have more of an insight into it. Also it informs us of future development regarding trips and anything Important of the academic year. Another point is it inviting support for activities, gave us details what to do if we needed support when making payments for the trips. They also gave us contact details so that we could contact them with any queries about the information given to us on that day.
I think that this was the most appropriate method of communication because if the information is in writing then the facts are evident and easily recorded in case of forgetting the information expressed in the writing. Another way of carrying out this information could have been through a phone call , however the information would have been easily forgotten if not written down by the receiver, therefore forgetting an important date or time.
Another method I am analysing is On-Screen communication, this method includes, TV screens, computers and more. The college decided to use a TV screen for this type of information and throughout the college there are TV screens updating us with current affairs in the news worldwide. They have all the screens dotted around the college , for example there are four screens in the canteen and two in the main entrance etc. this type of communication has originally originated from the government as they provide us with the news around the world at the moment. Also they are commercially provided, producing commercials about different things for example the newest technology that is out. The purpose of this type of communication is to offer communicating sales promotion because they make us aware of the competition between different companies for instance if the Apple company have brought out a new phone and so have Samsung , these tend to be on the news for big audiences to view therefore also giving...

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