Interpretation: “Nothing Gold Can Stay” Poetry Is A Wonderful World

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Interpretation: ?Nothing Gold Can Stay? Poetry is a wonderful world of words. Each different poet is noted for his or her own creative style and choice of subject matter. Sometimes a poet will write about many things, sometimes a poet will write about one thing, and sometimes a poet will write about one thing that can be interpreted in many ways. In the case of ?Nothing Gold Can Stay?, Robert Frost is writing about one thing that be can be interpreted in many different ways. ?Nothing Gold Can Stay? can be interpreted to be about nature, life, and love.When Frost writes, ?Natures first green is gold? it is obvious that he is making a reference to the cycles of nature (1). In nature the season ...view middle of the document...

Our first years are the only times when our lives are new, we are discovering the basics of life; that is when we are the most alive. When we learn how to walk and how to talk, those are the only times when we are experiencing life, everything after that is just an addition to that original experience. Once something is experienced for the first time (e.g. walking), the moment of experience is over and cannot be replicated. It is only the moments of something ?new? that is an experience in life. Our newness is much like the spring, new for only a brief time. We search for a way to stay young forever in vain; Women with their make up and face lifts struggle to keep up their young appearance; Men with their young girlfriends and fast little cars struggle to bring back what things they might have had when they were young. It cannot be done eventually we will grow into summer and die.Love like the spring, and like our childhood doesn?t last. When first in love everything is new, everything is golden. In the fourth and fifth line Frost writes; ?Her early leafs a flower; but only so an hour? when compared to love it can be said that Frost is referring to the stages of love. In the beginning love is a blossoming flower. Lovers start out wanting to be constantly near each other, like the spring flowers that wish to spend every moment in sunlight. Soon they find themselves constantly in company of each other. And eventually they will open into a full blossom, exposing every petal to the sunlight, and fulfilling the lovers with golden love. When at last they reach their highest peak it is only downward that they can go. The petals slowly start to hate the sun that rises every morning before them because...

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