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Interracial Dating Essay

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Many interracial couples are faced with negative reactions from society, making it hard for them to have a regular relationship. They have to deal with disapproval from their own race, pessimistic reactions from family and friends, and not to mention the ignorance of society as a whole. Why is interracial dating so controversial? Is not racism a thing of the past, or is that what we would like to believe?

People who date and socialize with people of different racial groups frequently experience negative reactions. Many of the disapproving messages come from people of their own racial group. They scoff and make fun of the idea that they are dating someone with a different tone of skin or ethnic background. According to a poll taken in 1992, many people believe that people should date within their race to keep the unity within the ethnic community. It is like they believe in sequestering ...view middle of the document...

Apparently, many are not able to handle the conflicts and struggles brought on by family and friends. They need sanctions or permission from their parents to see if it is okay to date out of their race. The parent’s influential power causes them to be skeptical and doubtful about being involved in such relationship that they decide to end a perfect relationship in order to make them happy.

Many people who date out of their race are likely to encounter tension and criticism from society as a whole. People tend to have a superficial understanding about interracial dating and forget about the true meaning of a relationship. What temerity is this, receiving constant stares and negative reactions, it is completely rude and ignorant of people.

It is unequivocal that interracial dating is not easy. Is any relationship easy, interracial or not? But dating and marriage are not about pleasing others. It is about being with the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. Race is not an issue when love is concerned. What is important is the factors that make the relationship work, such as trust and love, not what is pleasing to others.

Thus, why is society making it harder on them? How many interracial couples have been on the receiving end of many offensive stares when walking down the street? Why do people care? It is an issue of concern only to the couple. If one chooses to date a person of another race, why should society be bothered? It is an issue that needs to be dealt with by the individual people involved. Society is simply wasting there time by interfering with the couples relationship. It is wrong and unethical on their part to make it hard for them. If a couple is in love let them be happy. Those who repudiate interracial dating and feel that it is wrong need to attempt breaking down the color barriers that exist so highly in their lives. We were not put on this earth to criticize people on the way they feel, but to venerate and respect them. If two people can love each other, what difference does it make as to their roots and color.

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