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* Two and half years have now passed and the Syrian civil war is getting further out of control with no clear indication of things getting better anytime soon. If anything the situation in Syria is getting worse by the day. Syrian Civilians are fleeing the country to neighbouring borders such as Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey, in hopes of a better future for their families. Unfortunately thousands of people have already fallen victim to shameless crimes committed by the Syrian government, with no end in sight.


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This led to a public outcry, demanding the overthrow of President Mr. Assad. By July 2011, hundreds of thousands of people were taking to the streets in towns and cities across Syria. The government did not wait long to use military force on those that opposed the government’s outlook as to how the country was being run. Tanks were sent to Deraa in late March 2011, which only intensified as protests spread. After a month of bombardment by the government in hopes to to cease protests, 700 people were left dead and over 2 million refugees had fled the country, over half of them are children, with about three quarters of them being under the age of 11 and now are being referred to as the lost generation because of the lack of education that they are not receiving. As things progressed, more bombings by the government ensued and civilians were deliberately targeted after an anti-government demonstration, near the village of Houla, which violates the international humanitarian law. The government blamed “terrorist” as the perpetrators but a UN inquiry said loyalist forces were likely responsible for the attacks. It seemed like things could not get any worse until video footage had emerged of victims of a suspected chemical weapons attack on several Damascus suburbs; needless to say hundreds of innocent people died as a result. Both rebel forces and the government have blamed one another for the chemical weapons attacks but as more evidence surfaces it becomes clearer that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on its own people, sparking debate as to what the international community should do? And what Canada’s role would be to help the remedy situation.


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