Intervention Study: Classroom Diversity And Environment Theory Application

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The title for the Title I section of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001 is Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged ( In this context, a more suitable term for disadvantaged is diverse. This paper explains how concepts of diversity and environment apply to the Intervention Study conducted previously. The study details a one-to-one intervention program specifically designed for a 10 year old, 4th grade, female struggling reader. This theory application will explore the specific diversity situation presented, a plan to advocate, appropriate instructional practices, and the environment that will help promote success for the diverse ...view middle of the document...

3). As a professional in the field of literacy and education, it is important to not only to be observant of needed change, but prepared and willing to make an impactful change (IRA, 2009). IRA (2009) lists elements of reading instruction that every child deserves. Professionals in the field of literacy need to see that their students are provided with all of the described elements and if they are not, professionals need to advocate for their students (IRA, 2009). The IRA Advocacy Manual (2009) defines advocacy as follows:
“Speaking out on issues of concern is advocating. This can mean something as formal as sitting down and talking to your legislator, as intensive as engaging in efforts to change a change in laws or policies, or as simple as telling your neighbor about the impact of a law (per NP Action; see the Advocacy Glossary at” (p.41).
The student studied thrived in our individual reading sessions. The instruction was geared directly toward her needs. Because this student struggles with word decoding, she takes a considerable amount of time to read unfamiliar words. In the one-to-one setting she was not rushed like she might have been in a whole group setting. As a reading specialist, I am advocating for a peer-reading program that involves high school students, college students, or community members to voluntarily work with struggling readers during independent reading. The IRA Advocacy Manual (2009) states, “that all children have a right to instruction that involves parents and communities in students’ academic lives” (p.3). Involving more than the reading specialist, classroom teacher, or special education teacher provides the student with another support system and someone different to work with. This student already receives additional support during classroom instruction, however, when independent reading occurs, the student could benefit from a one-to-one setting. The peer-reading opportunity would provide individual reading attention for a portion of the school day. The setting would be very similar to the one-to-one intervention study previously conducted. Morgan (2006) states, “the effectiveness of reading buddies is supported through extensive research” (as cited in Theurer & Schmidt, 2008, p.263). Schmidt (2008) shares that reading buddies in her classroom do more than just read, they discuss, practice decoding together, and make meaning of the stories they read. This particular student enjoys working with others. The peer-reading program would provide this student with one-on-one support during independent reading. She could ask questions and seek help during reading. This peer-reading program could have the potential to benefit every reader.
As a culturally responsive educator, I need to respect this student’s strengths and needs as a reader (Kea, 2006). Even though this student has been identified as needing additional classroom support, I need to believe the fact that she...

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