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Interview Essay

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Interview is a conversation led, which involved at least two people, the interviewer and the respondent. This is not a conversation, but the conversation through which the investigator wants to obtain from the respondent data set to study. Therefore, sociologists rightly point to the fact that it is a specific method of testing, which is assumed to work closely with each investigator and the respondent. The interview is a process in which the investigator is trying to influence the study posed questions and get him to give a speech on the subject of research. It is one of the methods, which allows parallel use of another-namely observation. TYPES OF INTERVIEW: Due to the form of ...view middle of the document...

In addition to a highly categorized in part interview can be distinguished categorized, ie, one in which the investigator uses lists of problems that should be addressed during the interview, a list of questions that need to be put in a form recognized by the teacher as appropriate and in any order, the list of subjects to be possibly be the examinee, etc. Measures. This type of interview gives the researcher more room for maneuver in the course above all its conduct, and at the same time allows for some standardization of data that are obtained in the interviews on the same topic. Interview Uncategorized interviews are conducted in a free, in which the investigator has full initiative as to how to hold a conversation, through interviews nieskaregoryzowane qualitative data obtained deepening knowledge of various phenomena, such as motivation presented opinions, attitudes, etc. Behavior of individual respondents . INTERVIEW Interview EXPRESS AND HIDDEN is then open when the respondent is informed that conducted an interview with him, and is also informed of the actual role of the investigator and the research. Otherwise, we can only talk about the history of more or less hidden. This division is conditional form of intelligence, the type of problems you want to move in the interviews, and social role in which the investigator found among the respondents. Whether the interview is conducted overt or hidden, is not a matter for the discretion of the investigator or, but the result of a specific need, and the resulting needs.
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If there is such a need to collect data mainly quantitative and therefore decide to interview categorized, or questionnaires, the consequence of this form of intelligence is keeping it explicitly. When going to an interview while Uncategorized may appear to seem that if we give this interview freely open to the public or hidden. In reality, however, and this type of interview does not have the full freedom to choose his character. For if history relates to such matters intimate, sensitive, etc., it is difficult to conduct the interview public. Similarly, when examining the environment is known it is...

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