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Culture : Chinese

Student Name: Aashish Dhawan
Student ID: 300216700
Course: CMNS 1104
Professor Name: Hyoshin Kim


The culture that I have chosen is 'Chinese' culture. I decided to research on this culture because the culture is one of the oldest cutures and there are a lot of chinese people in Canada. China is the most populated country in the world and like ...view middle of the document...

I think its just a youth mentality.

Uncertainty Avoidance
Interviewee name : Tuoming Lu

⦁ What are some new changes in your culture that you have noticed ?
Ans : Open mindedness. The younger generations and even the old ones are now starting to become more open minded.

⦁ Due to new changes in your culture, are some of your traditional cultural practices coming to an end ?
Ans : Younger generations dont have the traditional sense like their parents.

⦁ How are people reacting to the new changes in your culture ?
Ans : Elders dont like it but young generations are comfortable with it.

⦁ How do people in your culture react to uncertain situations like smoking cannabis ?
Ans : Depends on the parents. Most parents are against it but there are some who do not have any problem with it.

⦁ Do you want some changes in the type of uncertainty avoidance your culture follows ? If yes,what changes do u want ?
Ans : Yes I think that my culture should be more open and ready to accept and absorb the new changes.

Masculinity versus Femininity
Interviee name : Lihong Wong

⦁ Is there discrimination on the basis of sex in your society ? If yes ,then give some examples.
Ans : Not much. But there is discrimination sometimes when it comes to business.

⦁ What are some changes that you have noticed in the last 10 years regarding the importance given to males and females?
Ans : Females in china are now given more importance than before.

⦁ Is someone doing something to get rid of this problem of sex discrimination ?
Ans : I don't know if someone is doing something for this problem, but sex discrimination is decreasing.

⦁ Which sex is given more importance in your society ? What do u think is the reason behind this ?
Ans : Mostly males. People give more importance to males because males carry the family name.

⦁ What are your views regarding this discrimination ?
Ans : I would like to see more families accepting girls.

Time Orientation
Interviee name : Jierun chou

⦁ What are the dinner,lunch and breakfast timings in your culture ?
Ans : Breakfast between 7-9 a.m., Lunch between 1-2:30 p.m. and Dinner between 7-8:30 p.m.

⦁ Are people in your culture time oriented ?
Ans : Yeah most of the people usually are.

⦁ At what time do people usually go to sleep ?
Ans : Older people sleep earlier, younger people sleep late.

⦁ Do people of your culture strictly follow the scheduled timings ? For eg. Breakfast timings ?
Ans : It varies from person to person, but most of them do.

⦁ Have you noticed any changes between the young and old generations regarding time orientation ?
Ans : Most of the people are punctual.

My own answers to the questions,connecting them to Hofstede's dimensions

Power Distance

My culture has a low type of a power distance. In my country also, people are considered to be superior because of their wealth because people...

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