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Into The Wild Essay

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Chapter 1 (Language/ Techniques used to create tone)

In the first chapter of Into the Wild, Krakauer is able to establish the tone by using certain words and techniques to further punctuate it. By the way he writes, it is clear that the tone is objective. He shows this by not inputting any of his own opinion or beliefs in the first chapter. Instead, he just went with the facts. In addition, his word choices show that the tone can also be classified as serious. “He persuaded the young hitchhiker to take the food as well” (7). Instead of “persuaded”, he could have simply used the word “offered” but he wanted to get it across clearly that Gallien really wanted him to accept the food and ...view middle of the document...

Chapter 10 (Predict events or changes in relationship)

In the end of chapter ten, Krakauer explains how Sam McCandless is given the misfortune of telling his father and Billie that Chris is dead, but does not further explain their reactions to the news, giving an opportunity to infer their reactions. The first reaction Chris’s parents must have felt was shock and disbelief. It must have felt so surreal to them that they didn’t even want to believe that it was true. They must have also felt sad at some point; maybe even depressed. They had loved this man, raised him, been there with him since birth and the thought that Chris would no longer be with them anymore must hurt. Perhaps they even felt a tinge of anger toward him. After all, it was Chris who pushed his parents away and put his life in danger. Walt and Billie could have gone through many emotions and Krakauer gave an opportunity to explore all the different emotions they may have gone through.

Chapter 13 (Predict events or changes in relationships)

In chapter 13, Krakauer quotes Carine saying, “My parents can’t help wondering – and I admit I can’t, either – how things might have turned out different if Chris had taken Buck with him” (128), giving something to think about. If Chris had taken Buck with him, maybe he would still be alive. He seemed to be very fond of the dog and like Carine said, “There’s no way he would have taken the same kind of chances if Buckley had been with him” (128). On the other hand, Buck was already old when Chris went on his journey, so he most likely would not have been there for most of Chris’s adventures. This means that Chris would have still gone to Alaska and the outcome would have been no different. The only difference may have been that he would have taken it easier while Buck was still with him.

Chapter 8 (Intended and unintended effects of persuasive and/or propaganda techniques by Krakauer)

In chapter 8, Krakauer use of persuasive techniques affects many opinions greatly. For example, when Krakauer mentions that he thinks that McCandless was not suicidal and that his death was an accident, it makes people believe that McCandless was not suicidal either. Another example is Krakauer’s comparisons of McCandless to various others in the past such as Rosellini, Waterman, and McCunn. By comparison, McCandless seems more sane then all the other men leading people to believe that McCandless was not suicidal. It also makes people appreciate McCandless more and understand him better. Overall, the persuasive techniques Krakauer used are convincing and prove that McCandless is not at all that crazy and gives insight on why he went into the wild.

Chapter 18 (Character development)

In chapter 18, it is revealed that one of the last things that McCandless wrote were the words “HAPPINESS ONLY REAL WHEN SHARED” (189). The quote is basically saying that true happiness is only achieved when shared with others, completely contradicting what...

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