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Intro To Astronomy Written Assignment 2

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This assignment has a series of questions that call for short essay answers. The questions are designed to help you determine your grasp of how astronomers use basic math skills in their work and how they measure astronomical distances. Please show all calculations for each problem that requires math. Type your written answers, using no more than one paragraph to complete each answer.


A. Why would the English system of units be more useful if a foot contained 10 inches? Use a math example and write out a clear reason.

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Some examples of Asterisms are: The Big Dipper, The Little Dipper, and Orion’s Belt. Page 11

Review Question 4. Do people from other cultures on Earth see the same stars, constellations, and asterisms that you see?

Answer: Other people from other cultures will see stars, constellations, and asterisms based off of their location. Since I am in Hawaii and there aren’t any other cultures for thousands of miles the answer would be no. Pages 14 and 15

Review Problem 2. If two stars differ by a magnitude of 8.6 then what is their intensity ratio?

Answer: 2.5128.6 =2755.29980556. Page 15

Review Problem 4. By what factor is sunlight more intense than moonlight?

Answer: The moon has roughly -12 magnitude. The sun has roughly -27 magnitude. This is a difference of roughly 15 magnitude. 155.12 = 1,050,962.56382 or roughly a difference of 1,000,000

A. Discuss stellar magnitude. Include in your answer the definition of the term and the difference between absolute and apparent magnitudes.

Answers: Astronomers measure the brightness of stars using the magnitude scale. The ancient astronomers divided the stars into six classes with the brightest being first magnitude stars and the faintest being sixth magnitude stars. Modern astronomers are able to measure much higher or lower then this using precision instruments and high power telescopes. These numbers describe the apparent visual magnitude which is how they stars appear to the human eye observing from Earth without accounting for distance. Absolute magnitude describes the same stars as seen from the same distance from earth at a constant distance of 10 parsecs (PC). One PC is 206,265 AU, or roughly 3.26 ly so the constant...

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