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Intro To Crime Essay

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Crime is a broad topic that cannot easily be defined or measured. To fully understand crime, one must consider a wide range of crime types such as, the characteristics of offenders and victims, the various ways that crime is defined and sources of data or information about crime in our society. This essay looks at 4 major segments of modern day crime, property crime, white collar crime, violent crime and internet crime and will describe them in terms of definitions, measures, prevalence in addition to offender and victim characteristics. And will reflect on how these crime types, offenders and their victims are similar and/or different.


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Though unfortunately this data will never be 100% correct as it leaves out what many refer to as ‘the dark figure of crime’. This ‘dark figure’ is defined as “the amount of crime that is undetected, not reported and not recorded”. Thankfully this does not hamper our knowledge or property crime that much, statistics show us that the majority of property crime is committed by males between the ages of 15-19. This age group is also the highest offence rate for females as well, but crimes committed by females are significantly less in this case. General crime statistics also shows us that the majority of offenders are unemployed, lack family support, and carry a poor approach to education. Victims of property crime are also generally able to afford replacing of items lost, or damaged, but fear that they are more likely to be victimised again. Which infact is true, with the majority of offences being committed by a minority of offenders and the small number of victims tend to experience a disproportionate number of crimes. This means that there actually aren’t that many victims, typically in burglary, or break and enter cases, but this victims tend to be targeted multiple times. Also in our local community, Queensland, property crime rates are decreasing rapidly. From 2003-2008 crime rates surrounding theft dropped from 112,297-77,364, similarly motor vehicle theft dropped from 13,333 in 2003 to 8,468 in 2008, finally, with Total Unlawful Entry from 2003-2008, decreasing 30%.
Violent crime is put under such headings as alcohol and drug related violence, family/domestic violence, homicide, robbery, sexual assault and anything dealing with use of a weapon. Violent crime is actually defined as any criminal offence, which involves the use of, or even the threat of force or violence. It can involve an act whereby the violence is the objective, or it may be a means to end. It also may or may not involve the threat or use of a weapon. Because violent crime is fairly broad it can be difficult to measure, so, like with property crime, crime is measured by detection or by reported events. This then comes from criminal justice agencies and surveys as administrative data/statistics. To find data on violent crimes, look to ASOC again, where you see violent crime is rated in 6 of the top 10 most serious acts. 01- homicide and related offences, 02- acts to cause injury, 03- sexual assault and related offences, 05- abduction, harassment and other offences against the person, 06- robbery, extortion and related offences, 10- illicit drug offences. Our knowledge of violent crime, comes offenders more so than victims. Violent crime is typically the domain of men, as most offenders are young males. The Journal of Consulting Clinical Psychology also furthers this by stating, ‘Violent offenders often have a history of both instrumental and reactive aggression’. Statistics from the Australian Institution of Criminology (AIC), show us assault as the...

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