Intro To Database Management Sixth Edition Chapter One

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Kirk Forrest
Professor Osborn
Concepts of Database Management
Chapter One (Intro to Database Management)
Odd Questions

1) Redundancy is the duplication of data. The problems associated with redundancy are:
A) Duplication of data causes waste of space.
B) This, in turn, cause a waste of time as duplicates require more space in memory and on disk and this takes longer to save and open.
C) Redundancy also makes changing data more cumbersome and time-consuming.
D) Lastly, redundancy can lead to inconsistencies. Such as misspelling a customer’s name.
3) An Entity is a person, place, object, event, or idea for which you store and process data. An Attribute is a characteristic of an entity.
5) A Database, by definition, is a structure that can store information about multiple types of entities, the attributes of those entities and the relationship ...view middle of the document...

15) An Integrity Constraint is a rule the data must follow in the database. A database has integrity when the data in it satisfies all established integrity restraints.
17) Data Independence is a property that lets you change the structure of the database without requiring you to change the programs that access the database. It is quite desirable because the structure of a database often needs to be changed.
19) There are four ways the complexity of a DBMS can be a disadvantage:
A) Larger file size
B) Increased complexity
C) Greater impact of failure
D) More difficult recovery.
21) A database is more complex than a simple file, therefore the process of recovery in the event of a catastrophe is also more complicated.

Premiere Products Exercises
1) Al’s Appliance and Sport, Ferguson’s, The Everything Shop, Lee’s Sport and Appliance, Deerfield’s Four Seasons, and All Season.
2) 12 Washers and 8 dishwashers.
3) 21617 & 21623.
4) BV06/Home Gym/35772.95. KV29/Treadmill/12,510.00.
5) Al’s Appliance Store 148, Johnson’s Department Store 608.
6) The Everything Shop & Lee’s Sport and Appliance.
7) 11,303.00.
8) Order #21608 Order Date-10/20/2010 Customer #148 Customer Name- Al’s Appliance and Sport.
Order #21610 Order Date- 10/20/2010 Customer #356 Customer Name- Ferguson’s.
Order #21613 Order Date- 10/21/2010 Customer #408 Customer Name-The Everything Shop.
Order #21614 Order Date- 10/21/2010 Customer #282 Customer Name- Brookings Direct.
Order #21617 Order Date- 10/23/2010 Customer #608 Customer Name- Johnson’s Department Store.
Order #21619 Order Date- 10/23/2010 Customer #148 Customer Name- Al’s Appliance and Sport.
Order #21623 Order Date- 10/23/2010 Customer #608 Customer Name- Johnson’s Department Store.
9) 21613 Order Date- 10/21/2010 Customer #408 Customer Name- The Everything Shop.
21614 Order Date- 10/21/2010 Customer #282 Customer Name- Brookings Direct.
10) 21608 Customer Name- Al’s Appliance and Sport/ Rep- Valerie Kaiser.
21610 Customer Name- Ferguson’s /Juan Perez.

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