Intro To Fine Art Assignment 3

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Intro to Fine Art
Assignment 3

Question 1.

In order to fully understand Roman art, we must understand that “Roman culture was modeled on that of the Greeks.” (Lewis 228) More specifically our textbook states that “while the romans absorb their artistic ideals from the Greeks, they were more realistic than idealistic, more active than philosophical, more pragmatic than creative.” (Lewis 228) One example of the more realistic art contributions made by the Romans is “a tradition of realistic portraits.” (Lewis 228-229) The Roman sculpture of Cato and Porzia exemplifies this realistic portrait sculpture. The portrait is very realistic and descriptive of all of their features despite ...view middle of the document...

The Buddhists were hesitant to portray the Buddha as a physical form as stated in our textbook “The Buddhist reluctance to give physical form to the Buddha lasted several hundred years after his death.” (Lewis 241) But later they “developed a variety of ways to indicate the Buddha symbolically without actually picturing a human figure.” (Lewis 241) Much later, in the second century AD, “this taboo against showing the Buddha as a person was broken, and statues of the seated, cross-legged Buddha became one of the most powerful and pervasive in all of art”. (Lewis 241) While Buddhism is now accepting of this humanistic representation, “the Moslem faith retains to this day its objection to visual representations of Allah.” (Lewis 241) The early Moslems believed that “an artist who attempted to represent reality was a sinner against God and could have no hope of a heavenly reward.” (Lewis 241) With that desire to avoid any visual representation, the Moslem artwork consists of “decorative motifs, geometric or organic patterns without any pictures or statues at all.” (Lewis 241) Early Christianity was an “outlawed religion” and “produced no architectural monuments, no important sculpture or painting.” (Lewis 241) But as our textbook tells us “even when Christianity was established as the state religion of the Roman Empire, the early leaders of the Christian church...

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