Intro To Programming Essay

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Intro to programming final study guide

1. Name the components of a computer:
CPU, RAM, Secondary storage devices, Input devices, Output devices
2. What does a disk drive do? A disk drive stores data by magnetically encoding it onto a circular disk.
3. What is the largest value that can be stored in a bit? 255
4. What is ASCII? ASCII is the American Standard Code for Information Interchange which is a set of 128 numeric codes that represent the English letters, various punctuation marks, and other characters
5. What is machine language? Machine language is written in 1s and 0s and known as binary.
6. How does a computer execute instructions? The computer uses the ...view middle of the document...

What is an assignment statement? An assignment statement sets a variable to a specified value i.e. Set price = 20
18. What are the order of operations for operands? PEMDAS
19. What are the 3 data types to declare a variable? Integer, Real, and String
20. What is a constant? A constant is a variable who’s value never changes throughout the program’s execution.
21. What is hand tracing? Hand tracing is a debugging process where you imagine that you are the computer executing a program.
22. What is external documentation? External Documentation is typically designed for users and it consists of documents such as a reference guide that describes the program’s feautures, and tutorials that teach the user how to operate the program.
23. What is a module? A Module is commonly called procedures, subroutines, subprograms, methods, and functions.
24. What is a local variable? A local variable is a variable declared inside a module and the variable only belongs to the module which it is declared.
25. What is a scope? A scope is used to describe a part of a program in which a variable may be accessed.
26. What is a parameter? A parameter is a variable that receives an...

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