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Objectives of Punishment 1

Check-point: Objectives of Punishment

Robert J. Nicol


November 2, 2011

Larry Doyle

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5) Rehabilitation: Educate the criminal and teach them that they should live within the laws of society in order to stay out of prison.

Objectives of Punishment 3

The purpose of punishment is to persuade criminals from committing crimes through a set of rules and laws for governing conduct and maintaining order in a society. It is the objective of the criminal justice system to secure the safety of society from those that commit wrong doings against them. It is through punishment of the criminal that the Criminal Justice System is able to secure the safety and well being of the people.
I believe that one of the ways of achieving institutional objectives is to provide more positive and effective means of punishments.

The fiscal impact that punishment has on our country is phenomenal. As reported, is costs approximately $30,000 a year for housing, food, uniforms, and supervision for a prisoner. This does not include the price of building new prisons or...

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