Introduction Of Electrical Engineering Essay

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• It is opposition to flow of current through a circuit, it depends how narrow is its cross section and how long its length. • In other words the electrical resistance of a conductor is directly proportional to its length and inversely proportional to its cross sectional area.

Resistance to the flow of the current. Measured in Ohms. Flow of current through a conductor is analogous according to flow of water in pipe if make path to water flow narrow so less water flow and vice versa

• Ohm’s Law explains the relationship between voltage (V or E), current (I) and resistance (R) .It states that potential difference between two ends of a conductor is directly ...view middle of the document...

• Watt-second is very small unit .Practical unit of energy is kilowatt- hour(kWh)

Basic Circuit
• • • • • A basic circuit consist of: Source Connecting Wires Load Battery is source and load is lamp or sometimes Rl connected as load . The source forces a current I flow through load, it needed that path should completed.

• It is the voltage of source(battery) when nothing is connected to it. When connected in an electric circuit , it delivers energy to other element of circuit, it is not a force, it is a voltage and measured in volt(v), because voltage is force because it forces to current flow

• The rate at which work is being done in an electrical circuit is called electric power.
• • • • Electric Power=work done in electric circuit/time P=VIt/t =VI = UNIT of electric power is watt If v=1v ,I=1A then P=1 Watt

Efficiency of Electrical Equipment
Efficiency of a circuit is the ratio of output power to the input power times 100. Output power is the total power absorbed by the load, and input power is the power supplied by...

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