Introduction To Biology Essay

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Introduction to Biology

A biosphere is anywhere organisms live.1 Thus, any place on our green planet, or
microcosms within it, is a biosphere--more importantly it is the only one that we know
how to live off. A well known fact is that our biosphere is becoming less and less
suitable for sustaining our rapidly increasing population. Gross pollution caused by
industrialism and technological advances have seriously damaged the part of out
planet’s atmosphere made up of O3, most commonly referred to as Ozone. Anytime we
burn coal, wood, oil, or petroleum we are releasing into our atmosphere an invisible,
odorless gas, called carbon monoxide, which is eroding our atmosphere’s ...view middle of the document...

For others, outside
the most wasteful nation in the world, life is a lot different. Their lives seem simple when
juxtaposed over ours, yet they prove to be genius using not a quarter of a million dollar
education, but good old common sense.
Another important step these villagers are taking is the complete removal of
ozone damaging pesticides like Methyl Bromide. They have done this by growing their
vegetables and herbs hydroponically. Hydroponic growing is essentially gardening
minus the soil, roots are immersed in water and produce perfectly ripened products. By
gardening in this manner the need for pesticides is erased. This is indoor gardening that
we could all learn to master because of it’s simplicity, yet a trip to the local corner store
will produce the same end result. If we are to overcome the ecological damage we have
already done we need drastic changes which include all forms of organic gardening.
And since photosynthesis is the process which changes CO2 to breathable oxygen the
more green plants there are the better off we are.
This project began in 1971 by Paolo Lugari and, “a handful of Bogota’ engineers
and soil try to make an unlivable place livable.”4 The village, called las
Gaviotas, Lugari reasoned could be a starting point towards changing the pattern of
ecological existence. Little did Lugari know that one of the hottest topics for the year
1998, but 27 years later, would be the scientific communities, and NASA’s interest in the
population of Mars. Lugari’s project didn’t set out to change the standards of the way
popular culture operates, instead he set out to improve the living conditions of poor
villagers in an empty savanna in a third-world country using the materials at hand and a
large dose of practicality and common sense. If one has ever visited a country outside
of the major power yielding countries (i.e.. the UK, Japan) then Lugari’s quest becomes
ever so obvious, clean malaria-free water is a privilege, truly impoverished peoples live
in ran shack housing, and their immediate...

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