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Introduction To Learning Essay

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Introduction to Learning Paper
Yuliya Dobrivska
July 28, 2015
Holly Berry

While learning is a very important topic in modern psychology, however, it is considered difficult concept to describe. Many definitions describe learning as understanding, comprehension and knowledge. However, many psychologists find this definition unacceptable. In this paper will define learning as well as explain what the role of behavior in learning. Additionally this paper will describe two types of learning and relationship between learning and cognition.
According to Gregory Kimble, learning is "a relatively permanent change in behavior potentiality that ...view middle of the document...

Since there are two types of conditioning, many theorists suggested that there two types of learning classical and instrumental. Classical Conditioning is the type of learning that occurs through associations between an environment and natural occurring stimuli. The best example of classical conditioning was introduced by Pavlov in 1904. Pavlov noted that natural sign in the experiment was a sound of a tone, and natural reflex was a salivating dog. By putting together both natural stimuli with the environmental stimulus, the tone could produce the response; in this case, it is the salvation.
Instrumental conditioning is the cognitive process that was introduced by B.F. Skinner. The instrumental conditioning is the learning associating between a response and its consequences, and can be enforced trough reinforcement or punishment. Reinforcement or punishment can be used either to decrease or increase the probability that behavior will occur again. For example, a small experiment that was conducted by Skinner called Skinner box. Skinner box included a chamber that contained a bar or a key that animal (rat) can press or manipulated in the order to get food or water. Food or water is worked as a reinforcer.
Learning and cognition have the same close relationship with behavior and learning however they are different. While learning is a...

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