Introduction To Personal Development Essay

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002.1.1. Describe the duties and responsibilities of own role

As a nursery worker my roles and responsibilities are:
• To supervise and safeguard children
• To plan and prepare resources for activities to support all areas of development
• To support and develop children in all areas of their development
• To be flexible in my work role allowing myself to be placed in another role should it be required
• To liaise with parents/carers
• To work effectively with other agencies
• To enforce rules and expected behaviours ( age and stage appropriate)
• To ensure I am up to date with all policies and procedures such as safeguarding, health and safety , the welfare requirements, manual ...view middle of the document...

All accidents and any incidents are recorded. All accidents are accurately notified to the parent/carer as soon as possible. Hygiene rules relating to bodily fluids are followed with particular care and all staff are aware of how infections can be transmitted.

Standards may include:

• Codes of practice - The skills for care codes of practice is a list of statements for all careers to follow to ensure all employees do the best quality of work.

• Regulations - The regulations are rules set in place by legislations for employees to follow to ensure the standards required by law are met.

• Minimum standards - The standards focus on helping to secure positive outcomes and a safe and secure environment for children

• National occupational standards - The national occupational standards are the outcomes of diplomas and are important as we learn from them and by completing these diplomas we have shown that we are competent to do our job.

002.1.3. Describe ways to ensure that personal attitudes or beliefs do not obstruct the quality of work

As a nursery worker the best practice is to put my own personal attitudes and beliefs to one side and not impose but respect the personal attitudes and beliefs of the people I work with. Knowing and understanding the experiences of each child, their background and likes makes a difference about my attitudes towards them and their family or my colleagues. Understanding children´s and other colleagues attitudes and beliefs will help me with the best practice of putting my own personal attitudes and beliefs aside and respecting the people I work with. For example, if I am working with people that are for example Christian, Muslim, Hindus or any other religion, I have to respect their beliefs because it is their right and not force my beliefs that are different on them. Another way is to recognise and respect that other children and their families and colleagues will have different attitudes and beliefs and that this is their right to have them and that these should be respected....

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