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Introduction to Project ManagementCourse Name


Organizational Diversity: The Project Management

Products, Programs, and Projects
Let’s define each term in more detail… Products



Foundation ConceptsModule Name


Introduction to Project ManagementCourse Name


Managing Products, Programs, and Projects
Product Management
Direction: Product capabilities, features, profitability, customers

Data: Product capabilities, requirements, schedule, costs

Program Management

Direction: Program-level budget, priorities

Data: Project resources, estimates, risks, schedule

Project Management

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Introduction to Project ManagementCourse Name


Classic Organizational Structures
Classic organizational structures have the following major  characteristics: h

 Centralized  Hierarchical  Functional  Bureaucratic

Evolving Organizational Structures
Most contemporary organizations are generally either:
 “Matrix”
  

Weak Balanced Strong

 “Projectized”


Foundation ConceptsModule Name


Introduction to Project ManagementCourse Name


Project Managers’ Outlook Across the Range  Structures
grea at
Adapted from PMBOK® Guide – Fourth Edition, Table 2-1, Organizational Influences on Projects, p. 28









Before Initiating Comes Originating
 Originating involves:
 Identifying opportunities   Analyzing business needs and justifying the 

 Developing a formal request to proceed with 

the project

 It often:
 Occurs prior to assignment of project manager  Requires re‐examination as part of Initiating


Foundation ConceptsModule Name


Introduction to Project ManagementCourse Name


Originating Process Flow
Work Request

Requirements Overview

Should it be considered?

Project Determination Should it be initiated? Project Justification

Project Proposal

Project Selection

Human Resource Planning – Outputs
 Project organization chart  
 Who?  Inter‐relationships?

 Roles and responsibilities assignments
 What functions?  What level of involvement?

 St ffi   Staffing management plan t  l
 What deliverables?  When?
PMBOK® Guide – Fourth Edition, p. 222-225

Foundation ConceptsModule Name


Introduction to Project ManagementCourse Name


Staffing Management Plan
 Staff acquisition  Resource calendars  Staff release plan  Training needs 
Recognition and rewards



Staff Acquisition 
General realities:
 Shoot for the stars when hiring  Plan with the expectation of acquiring average / 

competent performers

Specific organizational structure realities: p g
 Projectized: Choose the right people!  Matrix: Negotiate for the right people!  Functional:  Motivate the right people to want to 

work on your project!!

Foundation ConceptsModule Name


Introduction to Project ManagementCourse Name


Principles of Leadership 
 Encourage teamwork and participation  Make sound and timely decisions  Empower team members  Match skills with resources

Listen effectively Give positive feedback Seek responsibility and accept accountability

Principles of Leadership 

Leadership is an art:
 Demonstrate vision, courage and      

commitment Know yourself and your team...

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