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Introduction To Research Designs And Statistics Concepts

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Research Design and Statistics Concepts

University Of Phoenix

| | | |
|Concepts |Application of Concept in the Scenario |Reference to Concept in Reading |
|Misleading Statistics |According to Bea Hansen the sample size was not the only item|“Many abusers of statistics are simply |
| |that could affect the outcome of the data it was also how the|ignorant or careless, while others ...view middle of the document...

(Lind, Marchal & Wathen, 2004) |
| |a reward program. | |
|Descriptive Study |USA World Bank is required to continue researching consumer | “A descriptive study tries to discover |
| |spending habits in order to introduce new products that will |answers to the questions who, what, when, |
| |attract clients. For this, they will need to collect data |where, and, sometimes, how. The researcher |
| |concerning the consumers purchasing characteristics, |attempts to describe or define a subject, |
| |purchasing location and product use behaviour. |often by creating a profile of a group of |
| | |problems, people, or events”. (Cooper, D. R.& |
| | |Schindler, P.S, 2003) |
|Validity, reliability and |Bea Hansen raised questions regarding the sample size, | Research must be valid and reliable. |
|practicality |periods in which the data was collected and how the data was |Validity insures that what is being measured |
| |collected. By evaluating the criteria in measuring the data, |is actually being measured. With out |
| |the statistics can represent the population in general. If |reliability and validity the research becomes |
| |sound measurements are not used then the information is |questionable and is no longer a good source on|
| |useless. Bea Hansen asked questions to verify the statistical|which to base business decisions. Sound |
| ...

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