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Introduction to Teaching and learning (part 1) Level 4 Assignment


Introduction to Teaching and learning (part 1) Level 4 Assignment 1
Roles, responsibilities and boundaries 2
Key aspects of current legislation 4
Codes of Practice 6
The Role of Initial Assessment 7
Points of Referral 10
Equality, Inclusivity & Diversity 10
The use of Assessment methods 11
Embeding Functional Skills 12
The Importance of Record Keeping 13
Biblography 14

Task 1

Roles, responsibilities and boundaries

In my role as an assessor/trainer in a financial services environment, it is important for me to understand the roles contained within this occupation and also ...view middle of the document...

This will mean looking at the diversity issues within the group and the different learning styles I may encounter. A good tool which I have found to use in this respect is the Honey & Mumford Learning Styles Questionnaire. This questionnaire helps ascertain whether my learners styles of learning are as an activist, reflector, theorist, pragmatist or a mixture of all four. This then gives me the information required to accommodate all learner styles when constructing and developing my learning materials.

During my training it is important to give and accept feedback. This helps with further development of training for myself and also helps learners with encouragement and inspiration to achieve further.

My responsibilities as a teacher is to ensure deadlines are met and results are positive. Recording and reporting are an important aspect of this as this will show the outcomes of each training program so that progression can be strived towards and individual targets can be met.
It is important that positive behaviour is encouraged and that negative behaviour is challenged and resolved. It is also important that I recognise changes in behaviour immediately and that steps are put in place to act upon these to ensure any disruption is kept to a minimum.
As a part of my responsibilities as a teacher, I must also ensure that my learners an I abide by the Data Protection Act particularly as the information of this sort in the insurance industry is readily available and in abundance.

As a member of the CII, I must also abide by their code of ethics. These include:

• Behaving responsibly and which integrity.
• Complying with relevant laws.
• Demonstrating professional competence.
• Upholding professional standards.
• Respecting confidentiality.
• Apply objectivity in making professional judgments.

It is important for me to know where the boundaries lie when speaking and delivering to my learners. I must make it clear to my learners from the outset that the relationship that we have and are building is purely professional. It is not acceptable for me as a teacher to get involved in personal/social issues which my learners may have and may confide in me. If this situation was to occur I would politely but firmly signpost them to a person or organisation who specialise in the particular area.

Key aspects of current legislation

As a teacher, I need to be aware of current legislation that are relevant to their subject area and organisation: -

Health & Safety at Work Act 1974

This Act sets out the general duties which employers have towards employees and members of the public, and employees have to themselves and to each other.
These duties are qualified in the Act by the principle of ‘so far as is reasonably
practicable’. In other words, an employer does not have to take measures to avoid
or reduce the risk if...

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