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Module 1: Introduction to Teaching Learning Assignment 1: Group Profile |

Date: 01/01/12

I am a lecturer at Lambeth College, Vauxhall Centre, teaching the IMI Awards specification on motorcycle engineering, maintenance and repair. The Faculty of Technology also includes plumbing, electrical installations, building construction, electronics, IT, music production and other vocational subjects and all must be augmented with Literacy and Numeracy classes.
I cater to a variety of learners seeking a basic introduction or to achieve Level 1, 2, or 3 Certificate or Diploma. They may be school-links, special ...view middle of the document...

It is obvious that a group of students with such differences between them will require careful thinking with the lesson planning, inclusion and differentiation to make it work.

It is a diverse group of learners and to determine their suitability, they have to go through on-line assessments reflecting their lit/num skills. When the results are in, interviews are conducted by me and other course tutors. During those interviews, it’s established whether their academic background meets the entry requirements, if they have any previous subject experience or knowledge, what their career intentions are, if they have any special needs in reading and writing, language issues that could inhibit classroom participation, financial and personal issues or disabilities that could affect attendance, employment and other study commitments. At this point, a breakdown of the required coursework is outlined to them in order to gauge any issues with commitment and completion.
All relevant responses and conclusions are recorded by hand and individual files are created. Once their suitability is established, they are enrolled and copies of their records are passed on to the Student Support teams and the Key Skills tutors, who in turn will make appointments with the learners in order to establish the best assistance with their needs. I also use those records as a reference for deciding on lesson plans, aids and classroom control that can be effective for the whole group. During the course, the group is required to sit Profiler exams that help with monitoring of key skills and allow me to identify areas that will affect coursework and grades.

Special needs verified in this group include dyslexia, family and employment concessions, mental stress, language and scripting support.
The dyslexic learner is sometimes unable to interpret assignment or exam questions and can be slow at taking notes. This can disrupt the flow of a lesson delivery or exam session and can sometimes lead to his frustration and the group’s agitation and loss of focus.
It is a similar situation when it comes to the students with an inadequate command of English. Often, repetition of terms or use of simpler language to describe concepts as well as frequent explanation of exam questions is needed and this may sometimes elicit boredom and sarcastic remarks from their peers. The effect is that those students eventually become reluctant to ask for help or clarification which impacts their comprehension and exam performance.
The student suffering from mental stress tends to get easily overwhelmed when the pace or demands pick up, becoming liable to leave the classroom or require a break from the lesson activities, which again can upset the delivery and class control and also retards his personal progress.
Absences due to family or work concessions are sometimes unavoidable and even though students are able to keep up with assignments, they are liable to miss important information that could offer...

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