Inventory System Essay

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Inventory System of Conching Food Industries
(Timog, Manila)

Group name: Babes Company

Leader: Avegail A. Ferasol
Rosemarie S. Francisco
Mary Joy A. Curaza
Elaine P. Madrigal

Chapter 1

In today’s modern age where computer becomes a way of life, it is very useful to the process of the inventory system in different companies. All business rely on inventory system because it tells what will be the profit of each product when they produce, when you need to order, and what product will be the best selling and having a highest profit. The main purpose of inventory system in each company is to make the process simpler and easier to manage their goods and products. ...view middle of the document...

Computerized inventory system save time for businesses by speeding up transaction while raising accuracy. This will help among employees as it is easy to verify how much money and what time transaction took place.

The company Conching Food Industry has a warehouse in Timog, Manila which manage by one person. Managing whole transaction is a difficult job to do especially if you’re alone. The manager is one who accepts the deliveries from the suppliers, list the products delivered, arrange the product of shelves and many more. So it is possible that the manager will get confused especially when they system are shutting down and make the deliveries being delay.

Through this proposal, the proponents may be able to make a corresponding program that will answer the problem identified. Inventory can easily be monitored and recorded; inventory shortage can be prevented and high cost due to labor.

Conching Food Industries Warehouse
(Timog, Manila)

Evidence of Proof and Evidence of the Interview

Products of...

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