Investigating Control And Reactions To Control In An Organisation

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Investigating control and reactions to control in an organisation.

Organisation: Multinational Trading 2000 Ltd.

Part 1:

Type Of Control | Definition | Illustration from the organization |
| | |
Bureaucratic control | “The coordination of work through a hierarchy of appropriately qualified office holders, whose authority derives from their expertise and who rationally devise a system of rules and procedures that are calculated to provide the most appropriate means of achieving specified ends”, (Watson, 2006, p. 38). | Sales staff who are based in India are set rules where they have an incentive to hit brackets of revenue intake resulting to percentage commission that is ...view middle of the document...

| | |
Feedback control | “Uses past information to correct performance. By setting goals then using comparisons and performance monitoring to achieve the firms overall goals” (Naylor. J, 2004 p. 593). | When calls are made from India they are tracked and a report is drawn every week. This means it can be compared with a call outcomes log to see how the operatives are performing on a weekly basis. It shows if targets are being met, in terms of order success rate along with revenue generated. |

Part 2:
My father is the managing director of MultiNationalTrading, a company that specializes in taking orders for a sister company, a wholesaler of alcohol, grocery, confectionary and soft drinks to both UK and international companies.
From working for my father during holidays and my gap year I felt I had a good real life understanding of his companies daily operations.
I wanted to investigate the bureaucratic control which is “ the use of tight job specifications and standard operating procedures to specify employee behavior”(Rollinson D, 2008 p. 587) within the company, because I felt that without teamwork and the rules and targets, which are set the business, it would simply not function well.

Control is the effect to direct people’s behaviour to successfully and most effectively achieve the firm’s goals. Naylor defined it as “the process by which managers influence other members of the organization to implement the organization’s strategies. (Naylor, J, 2004, p.588).
A bureaucratic organization is described by Bratton et al as, “Flexible, empowered and cooperative workforce, together with a strategically integrated set of employment relations”, (2010, p. 489). I wanted to investigate this type of control as to achieve the firm’s goals, the team need to work together especially as some employees are outsourced and I wanted to know how this led to a cohesive workforce.
Jygodish (Jim) who manages the call centre in India was the first person I spoke to, as he is outsourced I wanted to see how he is managed and how he runs his own team, as bureaucracy is an organizational structure characterized by a clear division of labour and a hierarchy of authority. I wanted to know, from my planning how he works with the UK team and what incentives does his team have to perform well.
I went about interviewing him via Skype, (Full interview transcript can be seen in appendix 1). Frey and Oishi (1995, p. 106) define an interview as "a purposeful conversation in which one person asks prepared questions (interviewer) and another answers them (respondent)”. I used Frey and Oishi’s guidelines of how to interview and prepared my questions ready for answer by Jim.
I learned that by working during UK business hours, which in India is 2pm to 12am allows communication between the UK and India office. He finds Skype or direct call is the best method of communication.
His team of five staff must keep a call outcomes log of...

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