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Investigation Of Caffeine Content Level Of Top 5 Commercially Available Coffee Products Used By Msu Chs Students And Its Effect On Cognitive Performance

4936 words - 20 pages


An Undergraduate Thesis

Presented to:

Prof. Ashley Ali- Bangcola, RN, MAN

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements
In HS 199
1ST semester AY 2011-2012

Presented by:

Norhanifah R. Mala-atao

June 2011 
Chapter 1
Background of the Study
“A cup of coffee will do.” One might say this early morning before leaving for work or for school, in the afternoon when you are so busy doing all your stuff and you feel drained, or late evening when you need to be awake to study a pile of ...view middle of the document...

It is indeed true that our lifestyle today is upgrading and that we get a load of work resulting to our hectic schedule. And to cope with this, we tend to find something for ourselves that is easily accessible. Commercially available coffee products like the instant coffee brand are readily accessible in the market. Because of TV advertisement, it has become nationwidely popular and to name just a few: Nescafe, Kopiko, San Mig Coffee and the others are one of the most commonly used. Aside from its affordable cost, people are attracted to it because it’s easy to prepare and it is suited for our hectic schedule and lifestyle. You just need hot water, pour it in then it will make your day.
Being a nursing student who needs to be competitive, knowledgeable and skilful, it is definite that one should be prepared to combat the innumerable requirements or paper works, surprise quizzes from time-to-time, lengthy and time consuming exams and extensive long hours of clinical exposure requires students to exert much effort in studying. They turn the silent nights into sleepless nights to comply with all the requirements, memorize and understand the entire lecture taught to them. But there are times that the body and the mind seems restless and would not cooperate no matter how you try. So they are compelled to kindle their mind and body to keep them alive and alert. And one of the commonly used stimulants they usually take in is coffee. But in choosing what to drink consumers are not aware of the caffeine content level of these coffee they were drinking. That’s why they opt for the famous brand while others may go for the cheaper ones. But as students who drink coffee in order to keep us alert and awake, we should opt for the coffee product that has the most therapeutic effect so that we could benefit at it the most.
The researcher is interested in knowing the caffeine content level of the top 5 commercially available coffee product used by the MSU-CHS students and its effects on cognitive performance.

Statement of the Problem
This study aims to investigate the caffeine content level of top 5 commercially available coffee used by MSU-CHS students and its effect on Cognitive Performance.
Specifically, it seeks to answer the following questions:
General Problem
What is the caffeine content level of top 5 commercially available coffee used by MSU-CHS students and its effect on Cognitive Performance?
Specific Problems
1. What is the personal profile of the students in terms of:
a. Age
b. Sex
c. Year Level
2. What are the information regarding his/her coffee intake in terms of:
a. Coffee Brand
b. Frequency of intake
c. Number of cups consumed

3. What are the effects of caffeine/coffee in cognitive performance in terms of:
a. Mental Alertness
b. Concentration
4. What is the correlation between the caffeine content levels of the top 5 commercially available coffee products and the following:
a. Mental Alertness

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