Investment Analysis

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1.0. Introduction: 3
3.0. Advantages of frequency distribution: 3
4.0. Analysis of returns of Reliance industries limited 4
3.1 Analysis of return of ONGC: 5
3.2 Analysis of return of Bharti Airtel: 6
4. Measurement of central tendency: 6
4.1 Mode: 7
4.2 Median: 7
4.3 Mean 7
5. Conclusion: 8

1.0. Introduction:
Generally shares are issued in the primary market and new issued shares are traded in the secondary market. BSE and NSE are two renowned stock exchanges which plays an important role in Indian stock market. Most of the big companies in India are listed in these stock exchanges. The companies are enlisted ...view middle of the document...

3.0. Advantages of frequency distribution: Selection of proper methodology is the preliminary factor of any kind of experiment. Data should be summarise in such a way that every material information highlights. Anderson et al. (2011) demonstrated that statistical data is generally use to answering the question like highest or lowest, range etc. statistic helps us to generate all the revenant data in a single table which is more time saving and easy to understand. Analysis can be done in different way like financial analysis, statistical analysis, and technical analysis. To interpret about index and stock statistical analysis tends to be the best practised method as the analysis of index and stock needs a lot of result which may not be possible through financial or technical analysis (Balasubramanian and Satwalekar, 2010).
The above analysis on index and stock is done by using frequency distribution method. Advantages of using frequency distribution method are given below.
This method describes information in such a manner which is easy to understand.
Frequency distribution method can summarise a large amount of data in useful and simple format (Singh, 2012).
This distribution method considers the entire useful variable.
Frequency distribution analysis interprets any data in graphical form.
Most commonly used method for analysing data and giving graphical deception is frequency distribution method. It is very useful method for comparing purpose also.
4.0. Analysis of returns of Reliance industries limited: Reliance is ranked first as per NSE stock exchange amongst the selected companies. The attached Excel Sheet no 3 provides a clear view about return they made during 2011-2012. The analysis shows that in first four months the performance of reliance is not satisfactory, as its return level decreasing month by month. For the next two months the rate of return of reliance is just improved as it shows the positive figure in the annexure Excel Sheet no 4. Again in the months of November and December the rate of return shows a decreasing trend which is not predictable. For the remaining months it shows an increasing trend in the return but as reliance industry is one of main organisation which makes big impact on the Indian economy, the return is not satisfactory [Available from:, 8 August 2012].

3.1 Analysis of return of ONGC: ONGC is the most recognised organisation in NSE, following Reliance Industries Limited. The author graphically depicted the figure of return of ONGC for measuring their performance. In the first four month the performance of ONGC is not satisfactory as it shows a negative rate of return. For the next two months the return is positive but the figure is too low to attract the investor to invest in their company. In the month of November and December again the return falls to negative line which absolutely not expected from ongc. The reaming months show positive returns...

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