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Investment Opportunities And Roles Of Public Relations And Advertising In Investment Promotion In Nigeria

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Ciboh Comfort Msughter

Nigeria has attractive environment for investment because Nigeria is a large market and the second largest economy in the continent.
Investment in real estate
The high demand for houses and limited availability of it has led to exorbitant cost of land and houses. This has made real estate investment opportunity more lucrative for investors.
The agricultural potential of Nigeria is barely being tapped and investment ...view middle of the document...

Telecommunications sector 
The telecommunications industry in Nigeria is far from being developed. There is a dearth infrastructural facility. There is therefore an urgent need for investment opportunities in infrastructures in this sector. 
Tourism sector
The Federal Government of Nigeria is determined to develop and promote tourism into an economically viable industry by encouraging active private sector participation in tourism development and make Nigeria a prominent tourism destination in Africa.

The roles of public relations and advertising in investment promotion are to successfully promote Nigeria to outside investors in order to stimulate foreign investment flows.

Due to information or perception gaps about investment opportunities or state of the investment climate in the country, the roles of public relations and advertising are to successfully promote Nigeria to outside investors in order to stimulate foreign investment flows.

Public relations and advertising can typically assume roles ranging from the promotion and building of a country's image, to targeting investors...

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