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Iodine Deficiency And Toxicity Essay

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This essay talks about Iodine. What it does to the body when there is deficiency and toxicity. Why it is important to the body. The essay focuses on different age groups as well. The precautions to take. etc. If you are looking for a grade 12 study report on Iodine deficiency and toxicity then this is for you!-----------------------------------------------------------A human body has to intake iodine (which is found in food as iodide) for the proper functioning of thyroid glands related hormones. These hormones are called: thyroxine and tri-iodothyronine - and they are synthesized from the amino acid tyrosine and from iodide. The two hormones are essential for the body mainly because ...view middle of the document...

Besides from causing in goiter, the deficiency of iodine may also lead to dry skin, hair loss, fatigue, and slowed reflexes. In the developing of a fetus and young child, iodine deficiency in more serious. Stunned growth, diminished intelligence, and retardation may result from the deficiency of iodine in the new born. Vegetarians can be said to be another group that may be at risk of iodine deficiency because they do not eat seafood. However, they receive their iodine from iodized table salt, or seaweeds. Hypothyroidism is another deficiency that occurs when the thyroid gland cannot manufacture enough thyroid hormone because the immune system produces antibodies that over time destroys the thyroid tissue. Similarly, it also causes an enlarged thyroid gland that makes swallowing difficult. Furthermore, it results when the thyroid gland is removed or when remaining thyroid tissues does not function properly. This, however, cannot be prevented, but routine screening of adults could detect the disease in its early stages and prevent complications. Moreover, iodine from natural diet doe not cause a specific danger of toxicity. Special care should be taken when supplementing iodine or using it in drug therapy. A lot of iodine intake can reduce both the production of thyroxine and the function of thyroid. Taking too many kelp tablets, or excessive amount of iodized salt can lead to serious problems, however controlling that amount of intake is required to produce toxicity. Many people have allergies to iodine products, like skin rashes or in some cases acne.

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