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Iowa Laws Essay

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Iowa State and Local Laws
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Emergency management is organized planning, analysis, and decision-making concerning the coordination of resources to contain an emergency situation decisively. This can include minimizing of economic loss, saving lives or avoiding injury. There are various phases of emergency management. They include preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation. In Iowa, each county has its emergency department or commission which suit the particular needs of the various regions. Emergency management services face several challenges. Amongst these challenges are legal constraints. In Iowa, several laws affect emergency ...view middle of the document...

The above laws aid women to be enlisted in various emergency service providers like fire fighting, medical and other agencies that provides emergency services in Iowa. Women have equal talent as men and their input make emergency service provision more efficient and faster.
Under Iowa Code, 216.2 talks about policies concerning childbirth and pregnancy. The code stipulates various provisions regarding how pregnant women should be treated. Policies that are written or unwritten which make the exclusion of employees or persons as a result of them being pregnant are considered prima facie according to this code.
An employee of an emergency provision service should not be treated unfairly as a result of any natural consequences of her pregnancy state. Such an employee is entitled to leave or less demanding tasks as per the state of her pregnancy. All other monetary benefits should be maintained so as to continue the morale to work for that time and after she delivers. Emergency services mostly depend on the staff going an extra mile and becoming more creative with the equipment they have (Wilkinson, Lewis & Dennis, 2010).
There many things associated with pregnancy that typically arises. These include miscarriage, temporary disability, and sickness. Various emergency service provisions ought to take into account these factors and extend medical benefits and other schemes like sick leaves, health insurance or temporary disability insurance. These schemes are not only mandatory in law, but a responsible institution shall deem fit to award this benefits. This will contribute greatly not only to motivate the female employees but also the male employees. It creates a good working condition for all the employees. The success of any organization depends on the healthy working environment with all the stakeholders with the employees forming the crucial part of the stakeholders.
Pregnancy discrimination is an issue that has no place in Iowa local and state laws. As provided under Code 216.2, pregnancy is respected and safeguarded by law including the bearer of the pregnancy who can be an employee in the emergency service provision agencies.
Another law that affects the management of emergency services regarding pregnancy discrimination is The Pregnancy Discrimination Act. It is an amendment to Title VII of The Civil Rights Act of 1964.The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission enforces this law. Title VII deals with issues concerning pregnancy discrimination, other medical conditions related to childbirth.
In a recent case (2015), The Iowa Supreme Court referred to lower court an earlier ruling concerning a female Clinton firefighter who had filed a pregnancy discrimination suit. Karen McQuiston worked in Clinton Fire Department. It is reported that McQuiston’s pregnancy was at an advanced stage, and, therefore, it was no longer tenable for her to perform emergency response duties. She could not fit into her protective uniforms any longer....

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