Iphone Global Marketing Marketing Essay

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Iphone Global Marketing Marketing Essay

Perfect combination of internet browser, mobile phone and iPod which not only satisfy the customer needs but exceed their expectations. It’s a perfect match of information, communication, technology and entertainment which show its heartfelt connection with its customers.

Target market of iPhone consists of professionals, students, corporate users, and entrepreneurs. Initially its market is small but with the passage of time decrease in prices and addition of certain features will increase its market in coming years.

The success of Apple Company In Future lies on its skill to enter the Chinese mobile market. In this market due to economic, ...view middle of the document...

17 million units. If we compare Apple, it took 3.75 years to sell that quantity of iPods.

For Apple iPhone is more important than iPod. The market of iPhone is also larger than that of the iPod. Now the real competition is between the traditional mobiles and smart phones in the market. In the first quarter of 2009 sales of mobile phones were 269.10 million whereas sales of smart phones were 36.4 million. The sale of mobile phone dropped 9.4% but smart phone sales increased by 12.7%.

China is the 3rd largest mobile user nation after India and U.S. To keep the momentum going Apple needs an excellent international success strategy and China is enormous candidate for that. 10 % of the world’s iPhone market could be made by China because in past two years 26 million units of mobile phones have been reached and lot of sales have been added by this. Apple will occupy 5% to 6% global sales if they released iPhone at once. China will become the most important part of Apple’s sales as the population becomes wealthier there.

There are 760 million users in the market of iPhone. iPhone is made available to 88 countries of the world. China mobile and China Unicom are the only two companies in the country that provide mobile service. Apple has not been succeeded to bring iPhone to China. China mobile and China Unicom collectively subscribed a base of 565 million users, in which 74% were of the iPhone market.

1 Situation Analysis

1.1 Stakeholders

Apple got a strategy and according to that, it only got special partners. This strategy allows them to deal with carriers in each country. Because of this, all the cards are held by carriers and the mobile manufacturers doesn’t have anything. But in China there are only two mobile carriers, and they are China Mobile and China Unicom.

China Unicom would be an alternative partner of Apple; it got the smallest subscription base of 130 million. This decision wouldn’t be the good decision for some reasons.

In recent years China Unicom has been doing efforts against China Mobile. Monthly growth of China according to Operator proceeds in different ways. It’s between China mobile and China Unicom. China Unicom has adopted strategy to be a world leading broadband communication and information service provider due to continues decrease in revenue. This change in strategy put Apple in a difficult situation because if they choose China Unicom as their exclusive partner they would be taking risk. But China Unicom uses a wireless technology name CDMA. And iPhone uses GSM technology, so if Apple becomes partner with China Unicom they would have to build a 2nd version of iPhone, but this decision wouldn’t go with Apple’s strategy.

Thus, if Apple become partner with China Mobile this would be more suitable. Apple have largest smart phone and China mobile have the largest subscription base.

1.2 Environment Analysis

Now a day’s China is considered as world’s primary engine for growth. World Band...

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