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Iphone Vs Android Essay

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Creatine Versus Anabolic Steroids
Over the past few years, many athletes have been using performance-enhancing
supplements on a regular basis. Two of the most widely known and used supplements are
creatine and anabolic steroids. Although both of these supplements are well known in the sports
world, they are different in the positive, the negative, and the long-term effects they have on their
Creatine is a fairly new supplement that can have some very positive effects on a
person’s physical appearance. The main function of creatine is to help provide the energy
needed to move muscles in the body. It is a naturally occurring nutrient, and it is usually found
in muscles ...view middle of the document...

Sotiorpoulos, “Exertional compartment syndrome is when, with exercise and increased blood
flow, the muscle becomes too bulked and the fascia which encloses it becomes too tight, which
raises pressure in the muscle and can start to impair blood flow and neurological function” (qtd.
in Johnson 2).
Although there is very little indication of long-term effects from creatine, many people
discourage its use. The American Academy of Sports Medicine said they advise “caution with
the use of creatine and [do] not recommend its use for anyone under the age of 18” (qtd. in
Johnson 1). When elevated doses of creatine are used regularly for several weeks, there is a
prospect of damage to the kidneys (Sahelian 3). Increase in weight is one long-term steadfast
side effect of creatine that has been reported in experimental studies (Jacobson, Lefavi, and
Ransone 1). Regardless of the confirmation of a small number of unpleasant side-effects, the
short- and long-term health risks involved with the use of creatine by adolescents and
preadolescents have not been identified (Gershel, Levine, Metzl, and Small 3). One recent
research study showed that the use of creatine enhancement may be even less disadvantageous
than frequent caffeine use (“Straightforward Creatine Information”).
Anabolic steroids have many differences from creatine. Anabolic steroids have some
very positive effects in building up the body’s muscles. Anabolic steroids are a man-made
material associated with male sex hormones. Steroids are primarily used to treat body wasting,
which occurs when a patient has a disease that attacks the body’s muscle mass. At present, many
people, especially athletes, use steroids to augment performance and advance their physical
Hester 3
appearance (“InfoFacts”). Anabolic steroids are artificial derivatives of testosterone which are
used to raise the body mass amount and improve a person’s physical strength and performance
(Ewald, Garzon, Meadows, and Rutledge 2). Many steroid users use multiple versions of
steroids in the belief that combining these different steroids will...

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