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Ipo Research Essay

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Medicare vs. Medicaid

While Medicare is a federal government sponsored healthcare program primarily for seniors, Medicaid is for low-income families and is managed by both state and federal governments. Medicare and Medicaid differ in terms of who they cover, and how they are funded and governed. Both Medicare and Medicaid were created when President Lyndon B Johnson signed amendments to the Social Security Act on July 30, 1965.
Medicare is a Federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older and certain disabled people. This pays for the hospital and medical care needed for the elderly and disabled.
The program consists of four parts. Part A – covers hospital stays, care in a skilled nursing home and it covers some home health care. Part B – covers doctors services, outpatient services, medical supplies, home health care costs. This does have a monthly premium and you have an annual ...view middle of the document...

Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that helps with medical costs for people with limited income. The program is geared towards people with low income but you can also qualify based on age, pregnancy status, disability status and citizenship. Medicaid also covers nursing home and personal care services that are normally not covered by Medicare.
Medicaid eligibility guidelines are set in each individual state. Each state is required to provide coverage to certain individuals and similar and other groups. Medicaid does not provide medical assistance for all poor people. It is estimated that about 60% of America’s poor are not covered by the program.
Medicaid is paid by the state and the state is reimbursed by the Federal government. The state may also imply copayments or deductibles or coinsurance to help with costs.
In conclusion Medicaid is an assistance program. Medical bills are paid from federal, state and local tax funds. It serves low-income people of every age. Patients pay no part of the costs covered for medical expenses. Once in a while a small copay might be required. Medicaid is a federal – state program. It varies from states. It is ran by state and local governments within federal guidelines.
Medicare is an insurance program. Medical bills are paid from funds that those covered have paid in. It serves people over 65 no matter what their income is and serves younger disabled people. Patients pay part of the costs through deductibles and small monthly premiums. Medicare is a federal program. It is the same everywhere in the United States and is ran by the federal government.
One of the impacts that these two programs have on healthcare professionals is doctors are receiving less pay when dealing with these programs. Medicare will see a 24% cut and Medicaid is around 59%. With this doctors are refusing to take on new Medicaid patients. Both programs cover more than 100 million Americans, and the government expects about 9 million more to join Medicaid next year. This will mean more people wanting care and lower patients.


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