Ipr Campaign Case Study: “Best Job In The World”

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International Public Relations Campaigns are increasingly used by states, non-government organisations and multinational companies to achieve specific objectives, purposes or goals, especially to improve the situations, to exploit the target markets or to solve problems of the organizations. Theoretically, a PR campaign has been defined as a “concerted effort of an organization to build socially responsible relationships by achieving research-based goals through the application of communication strategies and the measurement of outcomes” (Kendall 1996, p.3). This paper examines the value of the modern-day IPR practice through a case study from an overwhelmingly successful IPR ...view middle of the document...

Accordingly, the relative data and materials mainly references from literature resources for the use of generating a post-hoc evaluation and analysis of this study case.

Introduction of the campaign

Jury chairman Lord Tim Bell, chairman of Chime Communications, said of the Grand Prix winner: "’The Best Job in the World’ is an absolutely classic campaign, a single minded idea, it captured the imagination of the world's media, and for that matter most of the people looking for a job. By a long way it was the best idea of all the ideas that we looked at." (Campaignbrief.com 2009)

“The Best Job in the World”campaign sponsored by Tourism Queensland, Australia, and launched by a contracted advertising agency, Cummins Nitro Brisbane. At the time, the global economic recession was upsetting Queensland’s tourism industry.

For the purpose of increasing international awareness of Queensland’s tourist attractions, in January 2009, they started this IPR campaign with a small budget. They advertised a vocation as a “caretaker” for the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef, which included a generous salary of $150,000 for six months contract, and free housing in a luxurious setting on Hamilton Island. The job has not limitation in age, gender, nationality, only requires the ‘caretaker’ providing a weekly report in terms of videos, blogs, or photos about the natural attractions of the Great Barrier Reef and its islands. The campaign was promoted massively on the campaign webpage via the free internet platform and placed internationally in eight key target countries in seven languages

In the first stage, the recruitment model was encouraging applicants to upload 1 minute persuasive and entertaining video clip on YouTube to demonstrate their knowledge and creativity of the islands. Afterwards, in the second stage, shortlist of 50 applicants was selected worldwide, and they would be whittled down to 16 and one of them would be offered the job at last. During the initial application period, the campaign quickly went “viral” on the globe, resulted in more than 34,000 applicants involved worldwide. In the last stage, the 16 candidates were invited to Queensland for the final selection. After six months competition, the Englishman Ben Southall finally won the best job in the world on 1st July as the Tourism Queensland’s Islands Caretaker.

In 2009, the international PR campaign ‘Best job in the world’ scored eight of the 50 Lions awarded in Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival for Australia with three Gold Lions, two Silver Lions and three Bronze Lions. Same year 2009, 'Best Job in the World' was crowned ‘The best international PR campaign’ from Grand Prix (Campaignbrief.com 2009). In 2010 the IPR campaign was awarded two prestigious D&AD Black Pencil Awards for Australia as its first time. And this IPR campaign has been listed as the 30th of the best IPR campaign on the world. "Digital tied everything together. There was a minuscule...

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