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I Pv6 Transition Strategies Security Threats Essay

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Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the next protocol version that it is used for communications on Internet. The Internet based on IPv4 protocol has made countless success in the past 20 years. Yet it has some limitations that were not estimated when it was first created, the IPv4 protocol cannot content the requirements of the Internet expanding. It is reported that all unallocated addresses for IPv4 will be used up within 5 to 6 years. IPv6 protocol suite was presented in IETF (Internet Engineer Task Force) on 1994. This suite is using 128-bit address instead of 32-bit IPv4 address. The United States, Europe, and East Asia were the first to recognize the significance of ...view middle of the document...

IPv6 security weaknesses currently exist, and as the popularity of the IPv6 protocol increases, so the number of threats do.

IPv6 Transition Strategies
IPv6 transition is the process of replacing IPv4 gradually with IPv6 in the Internet. During the transition of IPv6, the infrastructures of the network and the hosts should be upgraded to support IPv6, the applications of the network should also be migrated to be running in IPv6. Thus the process of transition to IPv6 will last for a long period. On one side, the IPv4-based Internet is so diffused which makes it impossible to change the whole Internet over a night, on the other side, the deployment of the NAT technology lessens the urgent need of global IPv4 addresses, this could delay the deployment of IPv6. However a serious research on the transition process had been done. The research on IPv6 transition can be classified in to three fields
(1) Research on the basic IPv6 transition mechanisms. Different mechanisms for transition (e.g NAT-PT, 6to4, Tunnel Broker) have been offered for varied transition requirements. These mechanisms provide tools for the all transition process
(2) Research on the analyzing of the typical scenarios for transition and how to provide pertinent transition schemes. As there are many different scenarios during IPv6 transition, the best scenarios need to be emphasized about IPv6 deployment and applying appropriate transition mechanisms.
(3) Research on the security issues during the IPv6 transition. Some security problems are specified as a mechanism once, and others are coming from the coexistence of IPv4 and IPv6 in the same network.
1) Basic IPv6 transition mechanisms
Generally there are three strategies:
Devices such as PCs and routers run both IPv4 and IPv6, nodes supporting IPv6 and IPv4 protocols. IPv6 protocol is used to communicate with IPv6 nodes, and IPv4 protocol is used to communicate with IPv4 nodes. When it comes to the network itself, thus network devices need to support both versions, such that same or similar services are provided with IPv6 as with IPv4. This infers some network devices will need to be replaced or upgraded to support IPv6 protocol. DNS plays a crucial role in this transition technology as it is providing the vital linkage between end-user naming and the destination IP address. When the end users attempt to access a dual-stack device host, it will type in the host name, and their application will query DNS. If the application can be configured by administrators to support both an IPv4 and IPv6 address query, it may receive the destinations of both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. But if the application does not natively support a dual-query lookup, translation techniques such as “bump in the stack” and “bump in the API” will be the solution to support this feature.
It is expected for Dual-stack to be very common, the basic method of it can be extended further than a physical LAN to a multi-hop network where the...

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