Iran History Essay

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Ancient Iran
Pre-History Iran - The History of Elam - The Elamite Empire - Aryans' Immigration
The Median Empire
The Empire of the Median (Mâdhâ) Dynasty; 728-550BCE - Median and Achæmenid Empire of Iran
The Achaemenid Empire
Achaemenid (Hakhâmaneshiyân) Dynasty (550-330BCE) - Map of Iran under Achaemenid Dynasty - Achaemenid Army - Achaemenid Royal Inscriptions - Achaemenid Royal Inscriptions: Plans and Photographs - Achaemenid Empire (Coins) - 550-330 BC: Persian Empire - Achaemenid period (553 bce - 330 bce) - New Trends in Achaemenid History - The Achamaenid - Achaemenians - The Art of Achaemenian Iran - Achemenet (French) - Histoire et civilisation de monde achéménide et de ...view middle of the document...

430 BCE - The Laws of the Ancient Persians - The Louvre Collection (Images) - Les collections du Proche-Orient et de l'Iran - Persian Gulf Trade in Antiquity (Iranica) - The Persian Gulf Trade in Late Antiquity - The Splendor of Persia - Iranian Diaspora, Pre-Islamic Time, by Mary Boyce - Iran, Seven faces of civilization (Video) - The ancient Iran section of the British Museum (Video) - Cyrus Cylinder (Video) - Engineering an Empire: The Persians (Video) - Storm Over Persia (Video)
Old Iranian Languages
Aryan Language (Old Persian) - Old-Persian Text with English Translation - Overview of the Avestan language - Avestan Dictionary - Avestan alphabet - Iranian Languages & Literature - Old, Middle and Modern Iranian languages - Lexicon of Iranian Languages (LIL) - Middle Persian scripts - Old Persian Cuneiform - Online Pahlavi Dictionary - Parsik/Pahlavi
Ancient Iranian Religions
Anahita - Manichaeism (CAIS) - Manicheism - Manichaeism - Mazdakism - Mithraism - Introduction to Zoroastrianism - Zoroastrianism (CAIS) - Zurvanism
Ancient Iranian Religions-Zoroastrians
Avesta Org. - Avestan Digital Archive - Azadan Journal - Faravahar Org - Farvardyn - Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America - Gatha (European Centre for Zoroastrian Studies) - Hamazor - Oshihan - Parsi Communities(Iranica) - Persian DNA - Spenta University - The UNESCO Parsi Zoroastrian Project - Vohuman (A Zoroastrian Educational Institute) - Zoroastrians - Zoroastrian Community (Sweden) - Zoroastrian Society of Ontario - Zoroastrianism - Zarathushtra - The Zarathushtrian Assembly - World of Traditional Zoroastrianism - The World Zoroastrian Organization - The Zoroastrian Calendar - Zoroastrianism - About Zarathushtrian Religion - Zoroastrian Religion under the Achaemenids - Zoroastrians (The Heritage Institute) - Zoroastrian Science Fiction - Borrowed ideas; Persian roots of Christian traditions - Gathas; The Divine Songs of Zarathushtra - The Zoroastrian Houses of Yazd - Zurvanism - Zoroastrianism - World Zoroastrian News Network - European Centre for Zoroastrian Studies - Keepers of the Flame (NPR) - Keepers of the Flame (NPR Audio) - People of the Flame (Documentary Video) - Zoroastrians (Washington Post) - Zoroastrians-Images (Washington Post)
Persian Mythology
Anahita - Faravahar - The Origins Of Mithraism - Mithraism - Mithraism (CAIS) - Mithra (CAIS) - Mithra Khsathrapati and his brother Ahura - Mithraism - Mithraeum - Persian Mythology - Simorgh - Shâhnâmeh (The Epic of Kings)
Buddhism in ancient Iran
Buddhism in Iran (CAIS) - Ancient Iranians' Role in Expansion of Buddhism (CAIS) - Buddhism among Iranian Peoples - Buddhica Iranica - Buddhism and Its Spread Along the Silk Road - Historical Sketch of Buddhism and Islam in Afghanistan - The Iranian Face of Buddhism
Archaeology of Ancient Iran - Archaeological Excavation reports - Iranian Prehistoric Project - The Anahita Temple - The Deh Luran Archaeological Project - Detroit...

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3015 words - 13 pages Architecture, Iran, Honar e Memari Cooper Marcus, C (1995), House as a mirror of self, MIT Press Diba, D (1990), Architectural Education in Iran, Singapore, MIMAR 38. 20-25 Diba, K (1981) Kamran Diba: building and projects. West Germany Hashemi, R (2000) “The experiences of Housing” Memar 6. 21-26 Mokhtarshahi,R ,(2009), "A Conceptual Understanding for Teaching the History of Islamic Architecture: An Iranian Perspective", Mahboobi, A (1972) The history of Tehran university, Iran, Tehran University Press. Pakdaman, N (1977), Iranian Economic Ecstatic, Iran, Tehran University press

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1873 words - 8 pages dresses, and they were forced to wear a veil to cover their faces when in public as well as when there was a non family member male at the home. “According to the history of Iran, when the great king “Reza Shah” came to power and ruled the country, he started and enforced a new style of life for women so they would have their own pleasures and wishes come true. In this era most women had been through oppression for so long that they were not