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Iron Man: An Analysis Of Theme

1936 words - 8 pages

English 223 Final Paper
Joseph Fontana Prof. M. Parish

Iron Man
An Analysis of Theme

I The movie begins with Tony Stark visiting soldiers on duty in the Middle East. Tony’s convoy is attacked and the soldiers fight to defend themselves but are quickly killed. Stark flees and is severely wounded in his chest. He is then captured by a group of terrorists and taken to a secure location.
The next scene begins with a flashback sequence at an award ceremony. It shows a video of Tony’s history as a child prodigy before taking over his father’s tech company at age 21, which he later turned into the world’s leading weapon manufacturing company. Colonel James Rhodes is a long ...view middle of the document...

Also, Pepper has scheduled an appointment with Agent Phil Coulson, a member of the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement & Logistic Division Agency.
Shortly after Tony’s return, he creates a new power device for his chest which he calls a mini arc reactor. It is similar to the original from the cave, only exponentially more advanced. Capable of sustaining massive power outputs over extended periods of time. Tony’s attention is now given to the creation of a new, upgraded version of the robotic suit he used in his escape. In order to finish his new suit of armor, Tony calls upon the help of JARVIS, the Artificial Intelligence system that runs his private residence. Stark analyzes his new suit and immediately makes improvements and produces, yet, another suit. This time, it is perfected.
At a charity event later that evening, Tony is shown photos of a terrorist group using Stark Industries weapons. Tony then confronts Obadiah about this matter. It is discovered that Obadiah is the one who has been selling weapons to both sides.
After returning home, Tony witnesses a news report about an ongoing crisis in a Middle Eastern Village and decides to take action. He equips himself with his final incarnation of the armored suit, deemed Mark III. He flies to the village and, using his highly advanced suit of armor, disposes of the terrorist group responsible for the damage.
It is revealed that Obadiah paid the terrorist group to capture and kill Tony Stark. Obadiah then visits the leader of the terrorist group and kills him. He also takes the remnants of Tony’s Mark I suit that he used when escaping his captors. Obadiah returns home to find that the scientists he had creating his own advanced suit cannot recreate Tony’s power source, the arc reactor. He then realizes he has another option. Obadiah arrives at Tony’s private home and paralyzes Stark with a sonic device. He hen commandeers Tony’s arc reactor to use in his own prototype suit.
Tony stumbles and crawls to his workshop to get the outdated and underpowered arc reactor Pepper had placed on his desk earlier. Meanwhile, Pepper and Agent Coulson, as well as other agents, attempt to arrest Obadiah. Tony suits up and heads to Stark Industries. Obadiah reveals himself in his new weaponized suit. The final battle between Tony’s Iron Man suit and Obadiah’s Iron Monger suit begins. With his power source nearly depleted, Tony struggles to defeat Obadiah. Iron Man is finally able to defeat Obadiah by overloading the giant arc reactor in the building below them. Tony survives while Obadiah does not.
II. I believe the primary point of Iron Man is overcoming obstacles in the face of adversity and, more importantly, the realization between the person one is and the person one wishes to become.
In the beginning of the movie, after his convoy is attacked, Tony Stark is hit by a bomb bearing his company’s logo. The shrapnel from the blast has entered his chest and mortally wounded. Stark awakens...

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