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Is America And England True States?

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The United States as a whole is classified as an independent state because it meets the requirements that every state must have. These requirements are it must have a solid living population, it must have definite territory that makes the area up, it must be sovereign, and it must have some sort of a centralized government institution. With the United States being the 3rd largest country in terms of population, it defiantly meets the standards of being a state. The territory of the country is easily and clearly defined because it is most of the continent. There was at one point a territory dispute between the United States and Mexico but it was eventually resolved through war. The ...view middle of the document...

This was the case for the United States during the Revolutionary War as we tried to break away from England. The United Kingdom is also considered an independent state because it meets the requirements that every state must have. These requirements are it must have a solid living population, it must have definite territory that makes the area up, it must be sovereign, and it must have some sort of a centralized government institution. England doesn't have as large of a population as the United States but it still does have a population which is the first and probably the most important quality that must be present for an area of land to be considered a state. It also does have a clearly defined territory just like the United States because it is an island. There are also several other small islands that are owned by England off the cost of the main state. The state is also a sovereign one in that it doesn't have to look up to anyone else, or take orders from a higher power. There are some providences that are owned by England that are not sovereign because they have to take orders from the state England and cannot govern themselves. The last qualification of being a state is having a government and England does have a government that is completely self-sufficient. The government of England is slightly different from that of the United States in that England has a Queen and a Parliament, whereas the United States has a president and congress. The origin of the state of England was created using the Force Theory. This is because of the many groups of people that governed it during the Anglo-Saxon and middle ages.

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