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Is Being A Sex Freak Good Or Bad?

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Such an amazing question came to my mind when my girlfriend ditched me and her last words were “go to hell, you are a sex freak”...and I was laughing at the poor girl fortune because she really lost the most precious gem because of her low stamina and bad luck. She must ask my boyfriends how much precious and extra ordinary I am , as I offer unlimited time of comfort without getting ejaculated soon but as I said earlier she didn't have guts to tolerate my banana .

Are sex freaks really that bad? Or is it me who is doing something unnatural?

Well sex is fun, we love it and that’s why we have girl friends. I admit the fact that bisexuals like me are considered sex freak by society as ...view middle of the document...

Well from the morning to the night sex freaks invest their time in things which offer sexual satisfaction. From pornography to sex toys to dirty messages to phone sex to casual sex to real sex , its like sex is earth and the sex freak is moon , revolving around it without any hurdle and break and luckily we never ever feel bored or tired.

Frankly speaking, sex freaks biggest mistake is that they go for wrong combination, I mean to say like small lock and big key and it never works. The formula of opposite nature attracts does not work with sex freaks as a sex freak will always be considered disrespectful and disgraceful by a sex less or you can say ordinary sex lover who enjoys 2 or 3 times in week or are happy with small romance or short 5 minute every day sex. The chemistry never works.

Another mistake is considering sex as love. Although we like our sex partners who are good in nature and often interact with them besides sex as we feel good in their company but considering it as love and attaching our self emotionally always brings tears at the end as love demands commitment. An open...

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