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Is Carbon Pricing The Way Of The Fututre?

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Diogenes was a Greek philosopher who was famous for wandering around Corinth with nothing except a lamp.

When asked about the lamp he would say, "I am looking for an honest man". His pupils founded the philosophical school of Stoicism which existed for many centuries.

I am still looking for an honest person. Their gender is irrelevant.

I haven't found many of these rare animals amongst the media, the economists and the politicians. I have stuck to the work that feeds and clothes me and haven't had to resort to living in a barrel like Diogenes did.

Recently, I was roundly criticised on ABC's The Drum for attacking the Government's tax approach to climate change. My invariable ...view middle of the document...

The industry hasn't produced much at all up until now. That may not be a problem, but there are many other industries which aren't receiving government handouts. Our Productivity Commission has ruthlessly eliminated assistance to industries for over 40 years. I know because I worked there in 1975 and was the project director on iron and steel, the introduction of color TV and a range of other manufacturing industries. I then worked for importers, mostly the car importers, for the next 20 years.

For the past 15 years I have worked, off and on, for the ATO as an independent expert on multinational taxes and worked for the multinationals during the same period. This is another area I know a lot about.

So my definition of "clueless" might be a bit different to the definition of other people.

I have read the 600 or so responses to my climate change articles and stand by my view that an emissions trading scheme is a great way for some people to make money out of a new type of derivative. Historically every auction the government has initiated (e.g. for cars, textiles, clothing and footwear import quotas and for pay TV licensing) has ended up in a multi-million dollar rort by smarties who transferred money from the community to themselves with help from the government.

The Government has, of course, also walked away from 40-odd years of consensus on industry policy and not picking winners. Industries involved in climate change legislation and product development are big winners.

I would like to be told why...

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