Is Censorship Good Or Bad Practice?

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Is censorship good or bad practice?
Censorship is a dreadful practice. It stifles the rights to freedom of speech that we all deserve. It would go against what the Founding Fathers would have wanted. It stops the free flow of ideas and thoughts of people as people will only be able to talk about what the government wants people to. It makes the populace live in fear of violating the censors and going to jail. Also, it would inhibit the creativity of artists or musicians or authors or anyone who's involved in the arts since they only could work within the boundaries of the government. To put it quite bluntly, the act of censorship is oppression of the citizens on a national level.
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Another point is the debate when it comes to videogames. Some uninformed people want them banned altogether, since they claim they lead to acts of violence or crime, in general. Some people want them banned, just because they find them nasty or wrong, which is just silly. Other people want them to be regulated or monitored, which I don't agree with, but I can see the merits of the regulation. Adults and children both can handle these videogames. I can speak from experience, playing violent videogames has nothing to do with leading people to commit actual acts of violence. There's no correlation between the two. If people want to play videogames, they deserve that right. If the government ever did try to ban videogames or any form of art, for that matter, that would be oppression of the highest matter.
Another example of censorship would be political correctness. This form of censorship tries to control what people can or can't say. Certain words aren't allowed to be said in certain types of environments, since some people would be offended. You know the ones: The N-word, The B-word, The F-word, The other F-word, The S-word, The R-word, the list goes on. These are just words which wouldn't have any meaning if you didn't let them and yet, if you say any of these words in a work environment, you get punished. People have been forced to undergo sensitivity training just because people said what was on their mind. It's truly sickening to see how our government does this, as we speak. While some people's toes may be stepped on, people should be allowed to speak their minds even if it isn't right or considered offensive to some people. We have the right to say what we want as long as it doesn't infringe on other people's rights. The act of political correctness ,while not as extreme as other kinds of censorship, it is still censorship and is an infringement to the freedom of speech we all have the right to.
Another problem with censorship is the fact that it inhibits the free flow of ideas and thoughts. One of the great things about a democracy is the fact that people can talk with other people about anything. People have the right to choose who they want to be their political leaders. People can argue about other people about anything.
Also, people can share opinions about the government even if they are negative opinions. They shouldn't have to worry about the government breathing down their necks. If people can't actively criticize and critique their own government without fear of punishment, then it's not a true democracy. Without the people, there is no democracy.
History shows that if people aren't skeptical, things won't advance. People need to be skeptical for a government to work. At times, if the people aren't able to criticize and change their government, then they have shown to use force to achieve that change. The best example of this would be none other than The United States. The colonies did all sorts of things before...

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