Is Cheerleading A Sport? Essay

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In this article there is a debate on deciding if competitive cheerleading is a sport or not. This issue was brought up because a volleyball team in Connecticut was going to be replaced with a competition cheerleading team due to budgetary reasons. They have decided under Title IX that cheerleading does not qualify as a sport. Once the coach and the team members had complained about what was going on, they decided to keep the team. The school also decided to add a women’s rugby team to keep everyone satisfied.
Within Title IX the article says “It must have coaches, practices, competitions during a defined season, and a governing organization”, competitive cheerleading follows these ...view middle of the document...

My bet would be that if you fell from one of the stunts and landed on your head you would probably be in serious pain for a while. Most cheerleaders in their lifetime have most likely have broken a bone, strained a muscle, sprained something, or all of the above just from their teammates not paying attention.
In football if you are not paying attention you could get hit by another player or lose the ball, but in cheerleading much worse can happen. If only one person on the team is not paying attention in cheerleading, many people can get hurt. According to sources Nebraska University banned any tumbling, stunts, and pyramids in cheerleading because of an accident that resulted in the school having to pay $2.1 million due to a cheerleader getting paralyzed while doing stunts. According to some girls that compete in Iowa, they work just as hard if not harder than any other sport. They participate in morning practices 6:30 am during school and 7:30 during any school breaks. One of the girls say that she runs track “to stay in shape” after cheerleading. She also says that after doing everything that they involve in a cheer competition she is just as tired as she is after running a 400 in track.
Some people believe that cheerleading is nothing but a recreational activity, but if you ask some of the famous people who used to cheer like: Mandy Moore, Sandra Bullock, Paula Abdul, and many more I’m sure they would agree with it being a sport. Back in...

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