Is Child Obesity Really A Form Of Child Neglect?!

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Is Child Obesity Really a Form of Child Neglect?!

Shaylah Bradley

Professor Gilmore

ENG 215

February 10, 2013

Child Obesity
Did you know that one in six children from ages two to nineteen are obese, which puts them at a 70 percent chance of becoming obese adults (American Heart Association, 2011). Many people confuse the terms overweight and obese so let me clear the air. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC (2012), overweight is defined as having excessive body weight, while obesity is defined as having a superfluous amount of body fat. Child obesity has not been a prevalent issue until recent years. The fact that it has increased so ...view middle of the document...

Many emotional concerns arise with child obesity. It could lower children’s self-esteem and self worth. A study done by writers of the children’s health journal Acta Pædiatrica showed that there was a correlation between obese children’s age and gender with low self-esteem (Nowicka, Hoglund, Birgerstam, Lissau, Pietrobelli & Flodmark, 2009). Children, ranging in from age seven to age sixteen, were tested and results presented that girls were more susceptible to low self-esteem, but it does affect boys as well, according to different ages. Low self-esteem can lead to depression, suicide, poor grades and risky behaviors, and those characteristics can lead to a dangerous lifestyle.
It is vital that children have a high self worth to maintain a healthy and successful way of life.
Another reason why child obesity is a problem is because it affects children in a social setting. “Childhood obesity is associated with many negative social and psychological ramifications such as peer aggression (Janssen, Crag, Boyce & Pickett, 2004).” Results from a study concluded that obese children were more likely to be, not only the victims of bullying, but they’re the bullies as well, due to their own insecurities Janssen et al., 2004). The targeted obese children are often called names regarding their weight, while the obese bullies often verbally abused other children for being different from them, like ethnicity. Because they feel bad about themselves, they point of flaws in other people to increase their self-esteem.
Problems Solved
Because it is the parent’s duty to care for and protect their children from harm, child obesity should be deemed as a form of child neglect. Obesity...

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