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Is College Education In India Not World Class?

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Education has been the driving force of India's march into the spectrum of development. Higher education has especially been the thrust of our policy makers since independence as it forms the bedrock on which one's career and orientation shall lay in life. A lot of funds have been invested in this system to ensure that our intellectual pursuit remains at par with our peer groups all over the world.

However, there has been a raging debate over the years that our college education system has been marred by a snail pace of reforms and is not at par with its peer across the globe. Despite such criticisms, it can be affirmed that the Indian college system is noteworthy in its own way.

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S. is syllabi of study. In the Indian education system, specific chapters are allotted by the universities and based on the coverage of the prescribed syllabus, semester exams are held. On the other hand, in western education system, the quarterly or semester exams are based on the syllabus coverage of their respective professors. This system is quite restrictive and individual differences of knowledge among the students of the same university crop up.

The Indian students have always an edge over their western counterparts on mathematical abilities and logical reasoning attributed to the high emphasis on mathematical education given during high school years, a stark departure from the education system in U.S. where a high flexibility is allowed for the students in taking mathematics.

In spite of a well planned carefully designed educational course, the college education in India is often dogged by infrastructural liabilities and staff shortage resulting from acute fund shortages. Foreign institutes rely heavily on practical modules and power point presentations which has a very naked presence in Indian colleges. The resulting system makes western students well built in natural sciences like physics, chemistry, zoology, etc.

Even in the non science courses, most of the Indian universities follow the annual exam system at the year end in contrast to western systems that follow quarter and semester exams. Moreover, their system is marked by regular quizzes, field assignments and surveys while in India, the entire year passes off with mugging the professor notes and the books prescribed.

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