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Is Conflict & War An Inevitable Feature Of Global Politics?

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Is Conflict & War An Inevitable Feature Of Global Politics?
It is to a certain extent that one can summarise that conflict and war is an inevitable feature of global politics due to problems in the structure that have a resounding effect in terms of establishing long term peace. Yet this is down to how you look at this idea and analyse it. The two groups in dispute surrounding the argument can be identified as realists and liberals, each with different ideologies approach this subject from different angles to express their feelings on whether war and conflict really are inevitable features of global politics.
It is the realist argument that the structure of global politics means that ...view middle of the document...

So simply each state is struggling for power. For instance, look at America over the recent decade America has taken advantage of the global system to expand and establish its self as a unquestioned hegemonic power to promote regime change around the world . Furthermore they have often resorted to war, a prime example of this would be the invasion of Iraq in 2003, which serves to show as an example of American promoting its national interests due to the fact Iraq is rich in Oil. For realists, states are the principle actors in global politics, and being sovereign power they act as autonomous entities. the primary motive driving state action is the pursuit of power and self interest. Realist thus see international relations characterised by power politics, the sense of power usually in the form of a military force thus meaning they have the ability to impose their will on others or face their aggression. Furthermore,
Realist see the one of the reasons for instability is due to the fact a sovereign power lies above other countries in the world, thus seeing the emergence of survival realists. Such countries as Iran, lead by Mahmoud Ahmandinja we see facing heavy opposition from the West in the Middle East. This is due to the fact they have broken free of the American sphere of influence, Ahmandinja sees the international system as corrupted and there is no real central authority as America tends to...

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