Is Ethics The Reason Accounting Scandals Exist

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Running Head: Is Ethics The Main Reason For Accounting Scandals?

Is Ethics The Most Important Reason Behind Years of Accounting Scandals?
Joshua A. Williams
DeVry University

Is Ethics The Main Reason For Accounting Scandals?

Ethics: Is It The Most Important Reason Behind Years of Accounting Scandals?

Ethics is a term that refers to a code or moral system that provides criteria for evaluating right and wrong (Spiceland, Spe, Tomassini, 2007). An ethical dilemma is a situation in which an individual or group is faced with a decision that tests this code. Many of these dilemmas are simple to recognize and resolve. For example, have you ever been tempted to call your professor and ...view middle of the document...

(2)Identifying the values related to the situation. For example, in some situations confidentiality may be an important value that may conflict with the right to know. (3)Specify the alternative courses of action. Evaluate the courses of action specified in step 4 in terms of their consistency with the values identified in step 3. (5) This step may or may not lead to a suggested course of action. (6) Identify the consequences of each possible course of action. If step 5 does not provide a course of action, assess the consequences of each possible course of action for all of the stakeholders involved and finally step (7) make your decision and take any indicated action (). Corporate scandals cause the public to question why some people run their businesses honestly and others turn into criminals. Despite the blatant appearance of some scandals, the causes of unethical accounting practices are complex and interlocking. Some people may attempt to rob their customers blind with no qualms, while others are drawn into illegal practices gradually through ignorance or good intentions. I will delve into the some of the past scandals that showcase some of the very reasons I believe ethics is the foundation on which accounting is built upon and the main reasons most scandals existed. I think that with a better ethical foundation being established from the beginning most if not all scandals would not exist in today’s accounting world.

Is Ethics The Main Reason For Accounting Scandals?
In order for one to truly understand the importance of ethics as it relates to accounting one only has to look at its history in parallel with the accounting profession. Although it seems like accounting scandals have all happened in the last 15 or so years, accounting scandals go back at least to the early 1990s when Charles Ponzi started the Security Exchange Company, promised people 200% interest and conned them out of millions of dollars. We can credit him for the term "Ponzi Scheme.” The 1920s had its share of scandals also including Samuel Insull, a Chicago utilities and transportation mogul, who wiped out the saving of many small investors who were also struggling with the Great Depression. Insull was never sent to jail. The 1930s had Richard Whitney who was the president of the New York Stock exchange. In that position, he stole millions from the funds he oversaw. He served three years in jail and was released.

Fast forward to the 1980s and the scandal involving MiniScribe where auditors failed to notice that executives were shipping bricks, rather than computers, from the company's warehouse. Following that, and the Savings & Loan Crisis of the late 1980s, scandals seemed to pick up pace with the following scandals. In the present day accounting professionals have their own specific rules to adhere to established by the national organization of professional certified public accountants (AICPA). Similarly, the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) the...

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