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Is Free University Education For All A Right Or A Privilege?

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Is free university education for all a right or a privilege?

In this essay I will look to understand both arguments for and against university education being a right or a privilege. A right is something that all people in the country have. Whereas a privilege is only for certain people usually people with a lot of money.

What’s wrong with saying that higher education should be a right then? Isn’t that something everyone would agree on? Well actually, not one of the UK’s main political parties does. Even Labour, who are opposing the tuition fee hike, are not suggesting that education is something that everyone should be entitled to without incurring any cost. They want students to ...view middle of the document...

Evidently, this isn’t the case. There is no automatic entitlement to a higher education in the UK. Firstly, you have to be willing to take on the debt/able to afford the fees. You also have to have an application which is impressive enough to get a place at a UK university. So it certainly doesn’t seem to be true that education is a right.
Although if education in a university is free, therefore making it a right, it will encourage individuals to pursue more of what they can become. This is far more different from a paid university which only promotes financial problems to students at their young age. And worse, if a student can’t afford to pay for a higher education, he/she will be forced to discontinue his/her studies and settle for less.
Furthermore, the society will benefit from having a free university. Socially, it will increase the number of individuals who are highly capable and well-informed in their chosen fields this will produce a more competent workers and individuals. This will not just help increase the production of work but also increase the number of individuals who are able to attain a degree in higher education may in turn be educators in the future, sharing their knowledge to others.

Many people argue people are free to pursue an education as they so choose once they pass the compulsory years of public of education; but beyond that, post-secondary education comes at great personal price in terms of money and workload. If post-secondary education was a right then we'd have more university...

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