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Is Gender Equality Ever Possible Essay

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Question: is gender equality ever possible?
Question analyze: key words are gender equality, ever, possible.
Gender equality is defined as men and women have same rights. Ever is an absolute term.

First mean point: it is possible as there are obvious improvement in social area today compare to the past. However, there are improvements does not mean that gender inequality can be totally eliminated. (India gender parity index has improved from 0.464 in 1975 to 0.918 in 2010. )

Second mean point: gender equality is possible as there are measures to protect woman’s rights. However, this is only for those developed country, for those third world countries the sexism still ...view middle of the document...

Some may argue that there are obvious improvements on gender equality, however, there are also other factor making the gender inequality become extreme hard problem to solve. Is gender equality ever possible? The answer nothing is possible, but gender inequality is extremely hard to eliminate that almost equal to impossible.

There are obvious improvement for gender equality today compare to the past. People are paying attention to discrimination against women. For example, the India’s gender parity index which shows the ratio of amount of boys and girls in school, between 0.96 and 1.03 is an acceptable number, has improved from 0.464 in 1975 to 0.918 in 2010. The education is very important as it affects people’s future, and the improvement in India shows to us that gender discrimination is decreasing. By education, women are able to change their life. However, there are improvements does not mean that gender inequality can be totally eliminated. Even though India’s gender parity index has improved, it still did not achieve the acceptable value. Thus, it is extremely hard to totally eliminate the gender inequality.

Gender equality is possible as there are lots of measures to protect woman’s rights. With these measurements, gender discrimination can be reduced, and more people will pay attention to gender inequality problem. For example, there are famous celebrity are fighting for women’s rights, Waris Dirie who undergoes female genital mutilation is trying to eliminate the bad customs. Also the removal of barriers to gender equality in several West African countries is the latest sign of a global improvement in women’s legal status over 50 years, a World Bank report showed. In the last two years, 44 economies took 48 measures improving women’s opportunities and no measures worsening parity were adopted, according to the bank’s biannual Women, Business and the Law report. Ivory Coast and Mail were among the four countries where the most changes occurred, while Togo also took action, it said. However, even though the world is paying attention to the gender inequality, it still exists in the world. Even though people are putting in effort for many years, gender inequality can not be eliminated. We can conclude that gender equality is an extreme difficult problem to solve.

The low education level of women in some countries makes the gender inequality problem harder to solve. As I mentioned before, education decide people’s future, today, in come countries girls still unable to go to school. 87% of female in Afghan are illiterate, in India 44.5% of girls are married before the age of 18. For those girls who were forced to marry before 18, they are unable to get education and choose their life. Women who do not get education are unable to gain information from outside, and they do not have the idea of fighting for their own rights. Also, education level decided people’s income, for those who are highly...

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