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8 October
Is Google Making Us Stupid Summary
Is Google making us stupid? The author of “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, Nicholas Carr, points out that the internet has somewhat become our main source of gaining information. What used to be hours of reading books and other long pieces of literature has now turned into a struggle of reading just a couple pages. Research that used to take days spent in the library can now be done in a matter of minutes with just few simple clicks. Even though it's more convenient and efficient, there’s still a loss of that experience when you dive into a deep read. Carr first states how he seems to not be able to focus on reading. The same situation has also happened to a few friends of Carr, who he says most are literary types. The constant use of the web makes it that much harder to ...view middle of the document...

She states that people tend become “mere decoders of information” when reading online. Reading is not a skill that’s already implanted into people like speech is. The mind has to teach itself how to decipher characters used in the language we speak and understand. So reading online will be very different on the mind than reading books or other printed literature. In 1882, Friedrich Nietzsche bought a typewriter due to his vision failing. Once he mastered using the typewriter, he could type easily with his closed. But the typewriter had a slight effect on his style of writing. His writing became more tighter and telegraphic. This situation can relate to what Maryanne Wolf is worried about.
The human brain has the ability to reprogram itself. The brain tends to break old nerve cell connections and form new ones. Are minds start to work like clocks due to technology as if we taken on the qualities of that technology. Carr talks about how we used to do things based on our instincts but now we do things at a designated time such as when to eat, sleep, or go to work. He compares how our minds used to work like clockwork but now they're more like computers. At Google’s headquarters, they declared that they want to develop the perfect search engine. A search engine that knows what you want and gives you back what you want. They want to turn their search engine into an artificial intelligence, something just as smart or smarter than the human brain. Having the all the world’s information implanted into your brain would make you better. According to Carr, having an artificial intelligence attached to our brains is an unsettling idea. He makes reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey, how the supercomputer HAL had more human emotions than the human figures who portrayed almost robotic mannerisms in the film. The continuous use of the internet may lead people to become more machine than machine itself.

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