Is He Or Isn't She Original Writing

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Is He or isn't She - Original Writing

I reach my destination, not really convinced how I should feel, or
what I should anticipate! A mid terraced house, unsure of the area,
but seems calm. A cold October evening, 5 pm and already the streets
are dimly lit, a clear sky above, evidently displaying the dazzling
stars that gleam beyond. I approach the house to a very inviting
welcome, are they really friendly people or do they not get many
visitors? I make my way to the lounge and take a seat, a small table
in the corner draped in a lace cloth, a bookshelf that covers one
entire wall and bursting to the brim with books. I'm immediately
offered ...view middle of the document...

I sense she's
unsure what to tell me, can she trust ME with her life story, who am I
anyway? I sympathise with her feelings of overwhelming sadness. I try
to reassure her, "I'm not here to judge, I'm here to hear your side of
the story and try to understand". With that in mind, she rises from
her chair, and tiptoes to the garden, tip toeing as if wearing
stiletto shoes, but she isn't, she goes outside for yet another
cigarette, the cigarette femininely held in one hand, while her other
hand is constantly sweeping her hair from her face as the bitter night
breeze blows. I guess some thinking time alone. She enters the room,
ready to continue. "Where were we?"

After completing school at 16 years old, she decided, "I'd had enough
of studying, there's only so much studying one can do". After years of
not being allowed to play indoors or outdoors with other children,
also no television was allowed, study, study, and more study. Her
mother wasn't very happy with this decision, so she moved to the Isle
of Man, to be with her dad.

A shock to the system, she arrives in the Isle of Man, with total
freedom. Living with her mother in a 'prison like' environment,
constantly being told what to do, not being able to communicate with
other youngsters, and also giving the feeling of not being wanted, she
just wasn't good enough, as far as her mother was concerned, she would
push and push to get more, how much more can one person give, why did
she not accept her?

She starts to squirm more and more, endless cigarette and cups of tea
breaks, portraying the fact that something still wasn't right. "I
finally found a group of people that I could relate to, a group of
girls there, a group of boys there, and I wanted to be one of them,
and they accepted me, that's when my problems started". How can she
explain to someone else how she's feeling, when she's not really sure
herself? She withdrew herself once again from the world, in the hope
of trying to 'sort' herself out. She returned to her flat, alone,
trying to cope with and understand the whole situation.

She struggled to cope with life, until she met a friend, who had been
in a traumatic relationship, and was now stronger and able to cope,
cope with both their life problems. So she married. They had a
daughter, Laura. After six years the marriage had came to an end. She
had to face up to the truth. She was working at this point as a nurse
on a psychiatric ward, where she met Rachel. They worked long, hard
hours, and their discussions became more and more intimate. She built
up the courage one day, and told Rachel how she felt, and why she had
feelings of confusion, Rachel in turn suggested that she take time
out, and sort her life out, once and for all. Was there finally a
reason for all this madness? She was prepared to find out!


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