Is It Correct To Say "He Who Has A Why To Live Can Bear Almost Any How"?

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1. I believe it is correct to say "He who has a why to live can bear almost any how". By having a reason to live a person, can overcome any hardships which they may have to live. A reason to live, whatever it may be pushes a person to strive forward in his or her life. It offers a goal for that person to achieve and in the process it promotes ...view middle of the document...

Whatever it may be, the will forces us to push forward as a duty or as part of an obligation which we must fulfill. Having a reason to live urges many people to push forward throughout their troubles as a means of reaching something better. It is motive, which can be witnessed in many instances. Within the philosophy text book, one can see examples, such as the case with prisoners, in which the prisoners who feel they have something to live for work through their imprisonment as a means to a better end. It can also be witnessed in terminally ill patients who miraculously recover. Their determination and will to live for whatever reason allows them to survive and continue their path. Thus it is correct to say "He who has a why to live can bear almost any how", because the strength and fortitude of the human soul can outlast any pains.

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